Aunt & Uncle: Modryb &?

I am used to a southern habit of using Wenglish ‘Anti’ (phonetic) rather than Modryb, but I am confused by S4C!! I am sure I heard Modryb for a lady and ‘Yncel’ (sais: Uncle) for what I expected to be Ewythr. Is this de/gog? Or is Ewythr old fashioned? O.K., I no longer have any relations or family friends left in this age group, but I can’t help being curious when words I do remember seem to have vanished!! The same thing happened to ‘telewele’, once one of my favourite words!!

This, I’m afraid.

I think I’ve only ever heard wncl out in the wild.

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Diolch to both you & Aran!! I feel exactly like the teacher of Ancient Greek who asked the bus driver to keep his chariot still until her husband arrived!

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