Aun o todavia? I get confused

Aun or todavia? I get confused. Both seem to mees “still” and “aun” means “yet”. I thought I had it clear in my mind, and then still was translated as “aun” but to me it did not mean “yet”
Any advice please on using the correct one, please.

Good question… Both are adverbs (aún y todavía) , but “aun” is a conjunction. Here is are some good examples of their usage:

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Thank you. I understand what you say. This conforms that their use is confusing.

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Yes - it’s NOT your fault! The easiest approach is to use whichever comes to mind, and then you’ll gradually end up using them in a similar way to whoever you end up speaking Spanish too most often… :slight_smile:

Thank you! Have you any similar information about when to use “Qué” or “Quién” in questions. All the explanations I have seen are complicated.

I’m presuming that you’re okay on ‘Quién’ being who - so I’m guessing that you’re getting confused over when ‘que’ also maps to ‘who’ in English? So ‘el hombre que quiere’ - the man who wants…?

Because no two languages ever map perfectly to each other, this kind of thing is always tricky if you try to learn via rules - the more you listen to Spanish, and the more conversations you have, the faster the ways in which que/quien differ will start to seem natural and obvious to you. So give yourself plenty of listening exposure, jump in with whatever comes to mind first when you’re speaking, and trust that Spanish speakers will help figure it out if they actually don’t understand what you’re trying to say… :slight_smile:

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