Audio book - Straeon Harri Parri

Cwmni Da are re-releasing the audio CDs of Straeon Harri Parri (made to accompany a series we did a while back). They will be available from Welsh shops in time for Xmas price £9.99 .

These may be a bit too advanced for beginners, but more advanced learners may like to practice their listening skills! Superfan @CatrinLliarJones will be able to tell you more about Harri and the level of language and the Llŷn accent!


Eternal question … Will this be available in online shops and shipped to us (more abroad :slight_smile: ) learners?
(not)Eternal answer: I found only this on e-bay.

Any better answer to the question? :slight_smile:

I doubt it will be in purely online shops, but if it is in an actual shop which has online ordering/mail order services, then I imagine you’d be able to get it that way. When I’m back in work on Monday I’ll see if I can find out which shops it’s been distributed to.

Thank you. I believe I’m not the only one who’d appriciate this especially if they’re not keen to Welsh shops in general (just like I am not). To be honest, I didn’t visit even one single shop (even not “Welsh”) while being in Cardiff, except Sainsbury’s little store in the High street, and the Historical Wales souvenir shop in Duke Street. Yah, lack of guide, lack of knowing people as much as I do know them now … I didn’t want to disturb anyone so never asked too many things … But this is the theme for another topic not this one …