Audience needed for S4C filming

I have no idea what this show will be like as it’s totally new, but if you fancy being in an S4C audience here’s a chance:

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Just to allert you tha the first “episode” of the show is here tomorrow according to the S4C


💁‍♀️Ma’r ffermwraig o Fôn yma i daflu glitter dros eich byd chi! 🍾

💁‍♀️The fabulous farmer’s here to throw glitter all over your world! 🍾

💋Sioe Maggi Noggi
📆Nos Wener | Friday

— S4C (@S4C) November 28, 2018

and I now Gareth Wyn Jones (from twitter of course where we converse in Welsh many times), who will also be in the show. :slight_smile:

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