Attn. Foodies! New Chris Roberts YouTube channel

Exciting news for ‘Foodies’! Cwmni Da have launched a brand new bilingual YouTube channel with Chris ‘Flamebaster’ Roberts, the Welsh cook. His Cofi accent may throw some new learners, but it’s good practice for your next visit to Caernarfon! :wink:
(Warning - vegetarians/vegans may want to give this a miss)


YES THIS! Love it!

And, yah, his language is a bit … ummm … well … “heavy” and unique at times. :slight_smile:

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This will advertised on our social media soon, @siaronjames! :slight_smile:

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I did, no worries. :slight_smile:

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My oh my! I love a food show and I love Welsh. Love this guys energy and enthusiasm.