As if it were yesterday

S’mae dysgwrs,
Can anyone shed any light on why

“as though it were yesterday” becomes “fel se hi’n ddoe” yn ne Cymraeg ?

I believe this is a short form of fel tasai hi’n ddoe of I’m hearing Iestyn correctly but i don’t understand why tasai becomes se.

Tasai (tah-sai) can sometimes be heard informally as tase (tah-se), therefore ‘se’ in this instant could be a short form of tase.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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Diolch yn fawr! Dw i’n meddwl mae’n helpu. :+1:

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I encountered another new word i doing understand in L2 chanllenge 5 with the statement my father is going to wait for you…
I used “mae fy nhad yn mynd i aros i chi’ but the polite form was prresented for the first time so it became”… Aros amdanoch chi". How does that happen ?

The preposition you need to use with aros to make “wait for” is “am” (rather than “i”), but many prepositions conjugate, and in this case (the plural/polite ‘you’) it conjugates to “amdanoch”.

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