Are you in the early Challenges of Level 1?

This information only applies to people working through the early Challenges in the “6 Minutes a Day” course.

Nia has noticed that some of you would like to come into the online sessions, but feel nervous, or have expressed the belief that your Welsh “isn’t quite good enough yet”, so you hang back for some time.

We’ve noticed that people who join in and start talking right from the beginning make fantastic progress, so in order to encourage a few more of you to take part while you’re still on the early Challenges of Level 1, we’re running a trial for 3 months.

To help you get started, from the beginning of this coming week (12/12), we will be trialling a system of booking 15-minute one-to-one sessions with Nia. These will only be for those people in Level 1 who haven’t taken part in group sessions yet, or have tried it once or twice and felt overwhelmed by it so they didn’t come back.

Nia will post a link in the usual #group-video-sessions channel once a fortnight to allow you to book a slot with her ahead of time.

If you’re doing the 6 Minutes a Day course and you haven’t been into SSiW 6/6 Support Slack yet, but you’d like to give this a try and you need a hand to get started, send a message to and we’ll help you from there.

Otherwise, please have a look in #group-video-sessions and download the document that explains all the changes, then go to #group-video-sessions and use the link to book your slot. We look forward to seeing some new faces and helping you gain the confidence to get talking to people.


@Deborah-SSi this is an old post from almost a year ago I can see, but is anything like this still going on?

@andrea-murtagh yes, it is! I’ve checked and you had an outstanding invitation to join which wasn’t answered, so I’ve just re-sent it to you. Check your spam if you don’t see it.