Are these sentences the same?

“I didn’t hear what you said very well.” (That’s the given sentence)

I said, “Nes i ddim clywed be ddudest ti yn dda iawn.”

But the correct answer was: “Chlywes i ddim be ddudest ti yn dda iawn.”
Was the sentence I gave not something that would be used in spoken language, or maybe it’s just grammatically not correct? (It seemed to make sense to me when I said it! :slightly_smiling_face: )
Thanks for your help!

The way you said it and the way the ‘answer’ said it are both correct - “nes i ddim clywed” and “chlywais i ddim” are just two different ways of saying the same thing here. There is often more than one way to say things, and the course will pop different ones in to get you used to the fact they exist.


Thanks for your help!!

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