Are there any meet ups in Port Talbot area please

I’ve just started to learn Welsh using Ssiw and I’m on the first level. I’m struggling to remember anything and would find it very helpful to practice with others. Are there meet ups in the Port Talbot area please.

Diolch yn fawr

That might be more normal than you realise…:wink:

Most new items will only bed down by the time you’re three or four lessons on from the lesson in which they were introduced… how far have you got so far?

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Thank you.

I’m on challenge 14. I’m finding it difficult to understand what is being said. I have to find people who are willing to break some words downs into smaller syllables. Such as ‘he would’. This is why I would find it helpful from meeting people that are also learning.

Have you checked the vocab lists? You can find them on the download page for each lesson - just underneath the lesson stuff, I think.

@Deborah-SSi might be able to point you in the right direction with regards to meet-ups in Port Talbot… :slight_smile:

Hi @tadaviesis. We don’t actually have anything listed for Port Talbot at the moment, though I can ask in the weekly email to see if there is anyone else living there who would like to meet up. (Register here if you don’t get the weekly email)

The closest place for you to go would probably be Tŷ Tawe, in Abertawe (Swansea). There is a chat session there every Saturday morning from 10.00 to 12.00. The contact person for that is @leiafee

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I don’t know of anything in Port Talbot but the Siop Siarad in Tŷ Tawe is regular and very friendly. :slight_smile:

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Hi @leiafee.
Is it just a matter of turning up on a Saturday morning? Is it sort of buy a coffee and chat to anyone who’s there or do I need an introduction. I tend to work strange hours so don’t know when I can comitt to turning up.
I hope this makes sense. No router WiFi today so I’m giving smartphone a try :grinning:. John.


Yep, it’s pretty much like that! Turn up, chat, drink coffee, eat biscuits. There’s a few regulars, a few less regulars and some new people from time to time.

I’ll be there chitchatting on the 24th in between preparing for a “IndyWales” festival upstairs, and it’s my turn to run the coffee on the 31st.

But there’s always friendly people there!


Thats great thanks.
Hi again Leia. Sorry about the short reply, struggling with my smart phone.

Thanks so much for your reply, It will be great to pop down when I can, for a chat and a disgled. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much @leiafee and friends for making me so welcome at Ty Tawe this morning. Def another watershed moment for me.


Glad you enjoyed. It was a good session this week!

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Although this appears to be an old thread, I’m sharing in case anyone pops in:
Next meeting for us PortTalbotLearners is again in The Aberavon Beach Hotel Wed 24th April for 6.30pm.
We meet in the foyer area and enjoy a chat and a cuppa or soft drink etc.
This weeks theme is a famous Welsh person. So pick someone famous and you can say a few words about them (notes are allowed lol) & we will do the same. It’s great to get us all talking in Cymraeg.
Sandra has also prepared a famous person quiz!!! Looking forward to it :slight_smile:
Hope to see you there.


Hello, 24/04/2019? I hope to see you there xx

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Yes this coming Wednesday 24/04/2019 see you then :slight_smile: Diolch

Can you let us know if you’re free to pop along to an interim meet/chat at the Aberafon Beach Hotel for 6.30pm tomorrow evening 1st May please? Would be good to see you there and get some practice in.

See you later folks

Next meeting for The Port Talbot Learners Group is on the 22nd Mai 6.30pm in the foyer of The Aberafon Beach Hotel. We’re doing a picture quiz this time, bring a picture printed or on your phone with some clues in Cymraeg so we can guess your object. Wela i ti yna :slight_smile:

5th June same place same time :slight_smile: