Are "Deep End" and Level 3 one and the same?

Feeling confused, as having come to the end of level 2 I was expecting the usual 11.00 Monday email, which didn’t arrive. Having seen the message under the ‘learn’ tab, I see I have the option to sign up for ‘in at the deep end’, when I was expecting the course to roll on automatically to level 3.

What do I do?!!!

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I believe that the deep end goes through the level 3 material with the same sort of structured support, but I just pre-dated the availability of this, so working through the material yourself was the only option at that time.

Someone who has been through the deep end might be able to give more detail…

Rich :slight_smile:

Yes I’m pretty sure that’s the right thing. I had the same confusion a couple of weeks ago and I’m sure thats what I clicked on to get the weekly emails. Perhaps could be signposted a little better

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I double checked, and yes that is the case. In the first email i received it says;

First up, your SSiW lessons.

The lesson content for the ‘In at the Deep End’ course is Level 3 of SSiW.

If you’ve already started Level 3, or even finished it, please come back and start again at the beginning with us - it’ll all be extra grist to your Welsh-speaking mill.

If you’ve come straight in here from the 6 month course, you’ve now got access to Level 3, and you should start with the first two lessons of Level 3 this week."

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Diolch yn fawr Charlie a Rich.

All signed up now.




I did the Deep End course. It is Level 3 with the same structures as the Level 2 courses. I liked the structure as I missed the weekly gee up emails and someone egging you on to complete 2 challenges each week. Pob lwc


I started the Deep End a few weeks ago after finishing challenge 2. Pob lwc!

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