Archive on 4: Rugby’s Greatest Try

I don’t know if this has been posted before, but I searched for it and couldn’t find it - apologies if I’ve duplicated. It’s a programme presented by Cerys Matthews on Gareth Edwards’ legendary try against the All Blacks in 1973, the brilliance of Carwyn James, and how the greatest rugby try ever scored emerged from Welsh rugby, culture and identity. It’s a fantastic listen.


Individual, maybe, but Barry John did some incredibly inspired kicks and chases and I always rated him as a better player than Gar, and not just because he told him, “You throw it, Gar, and I’ll catch it!”

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This has prompted me to watch it again (diolch YouTube). In spite of knowing the result, I can’t help but get excited. A brief interlude of joy in an otherwise dull working day!

Diolch @Isata

P.S. I’ll listen to the radio piece later.


No comment. I know better than to join that debate, even if I did have enough knowledge to make a judgement! Mind you, the programme isn’t about Gareth Edwards, it’s about everything that made that try, and all the people, on and off the field, who were involved in creating it. Barry John gets a mention, as do poetry, mines and steelworks, education, God, and community democracy!