Aran & Catrin looking for house + dog sitter!

Hi folks!

Fancy a free holiday?

Well, the title of this thread says it all really, Aran and myself are looking for a dog loving house sitter! We in the throes of planning an ‘extended family’ holiday abroad for the last week in August - around the 27th/28th of August to the 3rd/4th of September.

As with everyone seeking a house sitter, we’re preferably looking for someone we already know and trust, but who has the benefit of being a dog lover - beach walks, sofa cuddles and morning kisses thrown in free.

We live on the Llyn Peninsula, North Wales and have two dogs - one 9 and a half year old Scottish Terrier and one fun loving Labrador spaniel cross who by then will be 8 months old! Our default position is to send our older dog to stay with family and take the young dog to kennels. But we would preferably like to keep them together at home, as that’s how they like to be.

To tell you a little more about the accommodation - Our home is a 3 bed semi. Our room has a king size bed, the kids room has a triple bunk (single top with double bottom) and a toddler bed, then the third bedroom (Aran’s office) has a folding guest bed. There’s (40 mb/s) WiFi, a back garden, parking and great bus links in to Pwllheli (and beyond) from across the road. The village has a post office/shop/off licence and there’s a pub a 20 min walk down the road to the next village. There’s also a maze of public footpaths with wonderful walks and fantastic views, some of which lead down to the Llyn Coastal Path, and of course we’re surrounded by great beaches here!

Just so you know, I’m also asking extended family and friends we have who aren’t on the SSiW forum. So the first person who comes forward (here or elsewhere), who we know and trust and who definitely wants to come and stay, will get the job!


Er, just to be clear, that’s from the dogs, not from me (or indeed Catrin!).



Hehe … I knew that one … kisses from the “little” one I presume. The older looks to me like being more on “the ease” - hehe :slight_smile:

I know you were thinking about a raffle - but this as a first prize; well that’s exceptional :wink:


Ci ifanc…

Hen gi…


I know you don’t know me and so I may be disqualified (understandably) but I will be in Wales on holiday then so I would love to help you out. I am used to dogs and have had a few of my own over the years. Regards, Lynne

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Oh how I wish…

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Catrin’s talked to you on the phone, hasn’t she, Lynne? So we would consider we know you more than we don’t…

But as you can imagine there’s been a fair amount of interest - and we’re currently holding the first person to put their hand up, Margaret, as a first reserve - because it turns out that Catrin’s sister wants to come, but needs to have a chat with her husband about it - we’d not be very popular in the family if we said ‘Sorry, you took too long to make up your mind!’.

But as I’ve said to Margaret - I’m sure there’ll be other opportunities in the future, and it would be quite lovely to build a collection of people who’d enjoy doing this… (I appreciate that it’s only likely to be useful for you if you happen to be on holiday, Lynne, so sorry the timing hasn’t worked this time round!).

So if you’d potentially be interested in this at any time in the future (and if we’ve already had some sort of interaction with you!), leave your name in here and you’ll be on the release list for next time (we’ll contact the release list before we post on the main forum, to be fair)… :sunny:

Ha,ha! Are you being run over? When I spoke to Catrin I was complaining about the incessant 30+ degree temps we are having here and she showed me the scene outside your house. I had a very great hiraeth come over me when I saw the lovely cold mist. I’m sure you will think I’m crazy. The grass is always greener on the other side. Well, I’m glad you have a taker and yes, keep my name on the list.

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Wow, I’ve been overwhelmed by responses!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

My sister has suddenly put her hand up and said that she would like to come. She retires from 30+years of teaching this summer and is beginning to experiment with her time I think.

But she needs to have a serious chat with her husband first. She has a dog and cats herself as well as a granddaughter living next door, whom she babysit a lot… So we’ll see… :wink:

I’m meeting up with her tomorrow to have a proper talk.

I’ll keep you all posted!



:angry: :angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry:

Plans for dog sitter have fallen through! And there was me feeling that I was finally organised! Last thing we need whilst in the throes of packing up and moving house… ho hum!

So here we are again, looking to see if there is anyone out there who fancies dog and house sitting for us in late August - 27th/28th of August to the 3rd/4th of September.

By then we will have moved in to our new home in Carmel, just outside Caernarfon - a little place with fantastic views. Secluded and fairly private but not isolated. I have no idea as yet about the bus links or how our wi-fi connection will be by then. But if you feel like escaping and getting away from it all then this is the place to be.

Let me know if you may be interested. Diolch! :wink:

Just tagging @margaretnock here - understand it’s probably too late for the recant, but you’re in first place if by any chance it does still seem like a good idea! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

If we can arrive late on the 27th as I’ve something booked that afternoon. Husband needs to be back in S Wales by 2nd September but I can stay a bit longer. Need to know asap so I can tell work.

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Fantastic! I think we can say a definite yes to that immediately (and I’m about to shout at Catrin to look at the forum!) - and I’m sure we can figure something out at the end, too… :slight_smile:

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Wow! That’s amazing Margaret! Thank you so much! Will begin Oving you soon with details etc. XXX

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That was supposed to say PMing! :joy: