'Ar lafar' this weekend

Hi All
I watch the Bore Da thing that goes out on Sunday mornings - apparently it’s all the bits from the daily prog that may be of interest to learners. They mentioned a Festival being held this Saturday (22nd) at four locations - Swansea, Llanberis, Cardiff and Aberystwyth. The link is here. http://learnwelsh.cymru/ar-lafar
My ‘Welsh’ is oh-so-basic…I’m on the fence about going…what’s the point if people speak and I faint/run away/melt? Would I get anything out of it at all? The timetable looks quite interesting…but…but…:worried:

They have a special matting for this kind of thing. Very soft under foot, so you can’t run. This also takes care of the fainting. It’s also extremely absorbent, so if you happen to melt you don’t have to worry about causing a slip hazard.

Go along, eat some ice cream and enjoy the day hearing lots of Welsh.


Also, thanks for the reminder!

Go, go, go, you should go.

Oh, and also, you should go! :wink:

Sorry, being silly. What I mean is, it’ll be a great opportunity to practice and there will be plenty of people with varying levels of Welsh. I’m going to try to go.


Oohh…tricky. I was going to go to the one in Aberystwyth - to combine it with a day of goggling at the gorgeous Hinterland scenery - but I might jump on a bus and go to the one in Swansea. I might just pick and choose events and have a nice lunch out. I can blend with others just visiting the museum if I have a panic attack! I reckon SSIW learners should identify themselves somehow. Pants on head and pencils up nose?

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Oh, Kimberley - forgot to mention…you can’t actually have too much silly! :yum:

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Ha! Phew!..……It gets me into a little trouble sometimes.

Oohh no - it’s essential. Keep doing it.

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Did anyone make it along?

Saint Fagans was lovely in the sunshine!

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Indeed I did and I took my mother along (she did A level Welsh years ago). She got very competitive during the quiz! It was a beautiful day too.

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