Could someone mend the ssiw app so that I can download the southern welsh bit without it crashing. I’ve had half the office try it on various devices and it has crashed on all of them when you hit the southern welsh tab. Thanks karen

I am having problem too, I can’t log in. It keeps saying check your internet status or log in details. Though I do have access to the lessons but was hoping to download lesson 12 of the new course. ( unless it is not available yet on the app?)

Helo Karen a Tricia!

You would be better off downloading the mp3 files to your device for now, as the timeline on a fix could be lengthy unless the issue is simple. The app was developed by an SSIW volunteer you see, so using the above workaround is your best option for now.



Hi Stu
Thanks for that. I always have problems with mp3 files and my ipad mini, which is why I was so keen on the app. However, I will give it a go and take your advice.
I am enjoying the course, even though I am still only on lesson 5. The content is excellent and I like the way in which each lesson builds on the previous one.
Thanks again for your reply - much appreciated.

Ifan (our developer) hasn’t been able to recreate this problem on his iPhone yet, which makes it trickier to fix - but once he’s got back from America (he’s in the air at the moment, on the last leg from Iceland!) this is going to be right up at the top of his list, along with speeding up the forum and making some changes to the forum interface…:smile:

Very sorry for the frustration, and fingers crossed we’ll have a fix before too much longer…