App pause button jumping forward

So I’ve been using the Say Something In app for a while but have recently noticed an annoying glitch. When I press pause on a challenge, and then click play again, the position in the challenge has jumped forwards by a few seconds. This can be anywhere from 1 second to perhaps 15-20 seconds further forward from where I paused the challenge. Any ideas on how I can stop this? Thanks :smile:

Are you possibly using an iPhone and in one of the first few challenges of Level 2? There is a known issue there that our iOS developer is currently looking into.

If it’s anything else, can you describe what kind of phone you have, and where in the challenges it’s happening?

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It’s an iPhone and I first noticed it in level 3. I’m not quite sure when it started in the level but it’s been going on for a while and I’m towards the end!
Another thing that might help: I think it might have something to do with the length of the challenges not being the same as the length they say they are on the app. Weirdly, as I was near the end of a challenge yesterday I could see the timer (showing how long is left on that challenge) counting down to 0:00 when there were still several seconds left (it was obvious from listening that we weren’t at the very end!). After the timer got to 0:00 the numbers carried on in the negatives up to around -0:15 seconds when the challenge was actually at the end. Not sure if that helps but I feel that the challenges probably shouldn’t be counting negative seconds!!

Thanks Miriam! I know our developers are clever but I think a time machine app is probably a little beyond them :joy:
I’ve flagged this thread up to our iOS developer so he can add that information to his investigation.

Ooh this happened to me the other day in the middle of level two! I was excited to learn of the existence of anti-time in which Coffi Du is the background music!