App on kindle

Has anybody managed to download the app on a kindle.

I tried but it said this app might damage your device, so I aborted it.

I don’t own a Kindle device myself, but from what I know they run a modified version of Android. That message you get is just a general warning that pops up when you try to install anything that doesn’t come directly from Amazon. (The same way it happens when Android users try to install Amazon apps)

Yes you can download files but not applications. Pete 34

Hmmm … I didn’t get that message ever and Amazon was super kind to me. :slight_smile: But it can be I’m using “too old” version of Android (what is not entirely true though). :slight_smile:

I have an android tablet that I downloaded an amazon app to. It gave me that “this isn’t our stuff” sort of message but I went ahead and downloaded it and have had no problems. I haven’t tried it the other way around - my Kindle is so old (version 3) that I’m not sure it would recognize it.