App inconsistent

I have the app on iPhone. It just doesn’t work 50% of the time. I could have completely the 3 levels ages ago!

How do I download the challenges/sessions?

I could download on Android!


Plus…any groups in the Wrexham or Porthmadog area that meet to ymarfer siarad?

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Hi @wayne-jones

Go to the lessons screen and press the lesson you want and hold your finger there - a pop up with download on it will appear - press this (see screenshot below) - it will do an egg timer filling-type of thing whilst the file downloads.

Rich :slight_smile:

3ydd Sadwrn y mis
Yr Heliwr (Sportsman)
Porthmadog LL49 9HB

Found on

So that would be the 16th of November (3rd Saturday of the Month) at Yr Heliwr in Porthmadog at 11am.
Also, each Monday from 7:15 pm there is a chat session in the Saith Seren on Chester Street in Wrecsam.

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My broadband is lousy at the moment and/ or my storage is a bit overloaded on my iPad… I have to trick the app into recognising me/my account/my iPad when there is evidence of slow data speeds - that spinning wheel, buffering. Coming to the forum seems to give my iPad time to recognise that I’m already fully subscribed…

I am quite unsure what or which challenges & practices to download properly and so keep handy for offline moments. I use Welsh Old Course & Levels 1, 2 & 3, somewhat interchangeably - varying the speeds a lot…

a) for my own use
b) for introducing people totally (many unknown to me), to the concepts of Duolingo & SSiW respectively. I like having some downloaded challenges as demos.

[ie SSi Spanish is an aspiration on the backburner for me, but a very handy app to have handy to demonstrate SSi method via Spanish when I get chatting in a cafe/shop - most people round here seem to want to holiday there. (We then progress to the benefits of Welsh!)]

Anyway, beth bynnag, I hope to progress to more rational use of my phone & tablet while they still work… which may not be forever…

@wayne-jones there is much to keep refining in using tech & connection modes, and so many groups to join and ways to connect. I can recommend Saith Seren, @gruntius, and all his works (I guess/think) and also I am grateful to receive the SSiW email newsletter which lists the current state of affairs with groups, media sensations & local initiative launches, extra events, etc. Pob lwc i ti!

@lewie has recently made a beta version of the iOS available with fixes to some of the recently reported issues.

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