…for this: http://www.bbc.com/sport/0/football/27383417

With (an enormous amount of) luck, Australia will take revenge on behalf of Wales in Brazil. Croesi bysedd…

Hi Louis,

I also watched with mixed feelings this time :slight_smile: I am curious and would love to know: Ben jij Nederlander? Are you of Dutch descent? Do you live in the Netherlands?

Would you be willing to tell me?

I live near Den Bosch and have been searching for some time for other SSiW’ers in the Netherlands.

warm wishes,


The first match I ever saw, we beat the old West Germany one nil. It’s been downhill ever since…

So it was you that started the rot, is it, James? I’m very disappointed in you… :wink:

Elkie: I live near Den Bosch

Oh, no kidding?! We were there last autumn to stay with Louis at his brother’s house, take the kids (that includes Louis!) to die Efteling, and to practise my extremely basic Dutch when we got stuck temporarily without money in Den Bosch…:wink:

Louis lives in Australia, but is our resident Welsh-speaking Dutchman on the forum - once we twist his arm into helping provide a version of the course through the medium of Dutch, I’m sure we’ll do a better job of finding fellow learners near Den Bosch for you…:smile:

We could’ve bumped into you then, Aran, as I live about an hour’s drive from de Efteling and we take our kids there once in a while… :slight_smile:

Perfect. We have been looking for the SSiD Bootcamp coordinator. Turns out, it is you!

I was the one staring intently at Langnek with my three year old son, up and down, up and down, for several hours, while everyone else wanted to carry on to somewhere else…:wink: