Anyone Willing to Skype?

Hey Everybody!

I have been working through the Level 1 lessons (Northern) for about two months now and I’m almost finished. I have like three more to go I think. I am really enjoying learning Welsh and am pretty excited about the little bit i’ve learned so far. However, I have yet to use welsh in any actual conversations yet. I really want to at least try a conversation or two, but since I live in the middle of the US its kind of hard finding people to speak with. I was wondering if anyone wanted to Skype with me just so I can try it out. I’m kind of worried that I don’t know enough to hold an actual conversation. Like I have been listening a bit to Radio Cymru and I only understand like every fourth or fifth word they say so I don’t know how ready I am. Anyways, if anyone is willing to struggle with me for like ten or fifteen minutes I would really appreciate it.

P.S. I am down at University right now so I am pretty flexible with scheduling so long as I don’t have class so I’m sure I can make someone from almost any time zone work somehow.

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Sorry I realized there was already a topic on this so I posted there instead. I’m not sure how to delete this post but if anyone knows how that would be great!

No reason to delete this - you might as well have both hooks in the water :sunny:

And many congratulations on getting so far! It’s a huge achievement - you won’t find the switch into live conversations all that easy at this stage (which is a great reason to get started with it!) but you have done the vast majority of the core work you need to be able to maintain a conversation.

As you press on with more material, and do the listening exercises, and start finding Skype partners, it will all start to come together for you - keep us posted on how it goes! :sunny:

Thanks Aran for your kind words its great to come on the forum here and get encouragement during this whole process! Yeah I am really excited to actually start using my Welsh so thats the next biggest step I think!

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I’m looking forward to hearing how it goes for you :sunny:

Hey Ben. I am willing to skype I am on lesson 26 northern.Give me a call I think you have my number,Pete4080.I know I probably mess up big time chatting with you. Maybe draw a blank through half of it and then when we’re off Skype it will come back to me and I will be going darn I should have said this or that how could I have forgotten but I guess that is just the way we learn. It will be fun.

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Hey Ben,
I know this was posted a while ago, so I’m sorry if this is completely out of nowhere, but they way you described yourself in this post is exactly where I am now, including the location. I’d love to be able to use my Welsh but I also feel like I wouldn’t have enough words to make any decent conversation (especially since my girlfriend, in an effort to help me practice, just asked me how to say a few things and I knew none of them :dizzy_face:). So, despite feeling a bit disheartened at the moment, I’d definitely be willing to skype some time if you’re ever looking for some nervous person to talk to haha. I’ve been doing the Southern course, but maybe it won’t be impossible to understand. I don’t really know- I haven’t done the Skype thing with anyone yet.

edit: oh pff, I just found the other thread you mentioned lol

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I wouldn’t pay much heed to this, and just remember that although there are going to be many things you don’t know how to say yet (look at the size of a dictionary, most of which won’t be known by first-language speakers), there are also many things that you do (whole conversations full). Go Skype and enjoy yourself :slight_smile:


Yeah that’s definitely a good point. To tell the truth, I could have worked out how to say at least some of it, but I was rushing myself so I ended up just saying “I don’t knoww.” After that, I felt so embarrassed about taking too long to think of those words, that I never forget those particular ones anymore. Funny how that works. Maybe next time I’ll get around to saying them out loud haha