Anyone watching Enid a Luci?

The latest drama on S4C is a sort of Thelma and Louise with added generation gap. It’s a pretty funny, female-led story. I’ve been watching it without subtitles and have managed to follow most of what’s going on.

I’d love to know what others think, so give it a go if you haven’t already


I’ve seen the first 2 and really enjoyed them, although I’m still wincing …

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:grin: Doesn’t get any better in that respect.

The bonkers-ness kind of reminds me of Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, too


I’m enjoying it - like you say nice to see female characters in the lead. The London couple - I cringe whenever they appear!

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Yes, it seems a bit similar - I agree :smile:

I have just caught up …the first episode was a bit of a tough watch wasn’t it!

It seems very promising though - I’m really looking forward to the next episode

The actors seem really good though once again - it seems that Wales has quality in depth in this area (amongst others of course)

Rich :slight_smile:

Nothing to add to this yet other than to say that I’ve downloaded all of the episodes ready to watch … I’ll be doing that this week hopefully.

Fleabag got in my way a bit this week to be honest.

Dying to watch Fleabag. I think PWB is a genius.


She is. Fleabag is incredible. The first series is still available on BBCiPlayer.

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