Anyone want to meet up in Winchester


Is there anyone that wants to meet up in/near Winchester,Hants?




There is already a group meeting near Winchester.

Winchester - FORTNIGHTLY on odd weeks of the year, Thurs, 7pm, The Cart and Horses, in London Rd, Kings Worthy, Winchester, SO23 7QN (Contact mikebrown)

The above is taken from this week’s edition of the SSiW e-mail, which you can subscribe to here.

Hope this helps,


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Thanks Steak,

I have sent a message to mike brown


Hi Steak

I’ve not heard back from mike brown yet. Do you go to the Winchester meetings? I’ve got the ssw emails but wanted to be sure it was on before turning up.



Hi Andrew,

I’ve not been to any of those meetings (I’m more Pompey-focussed) but it appears that things have changed from this thread and the group no longer meets in Kings Worthy.



Hi Steak

Thanks for getting back to me. I’ll try basingstoke.


Hello Andy and S&E (and Dee!),

just to clarify the situation - the Winchester group had been running for several years, but it was mainly only ever really Mike and I. We met there because it was central to the both of us, and we’ve occasionally had people join us for a few sessions on and off. However, since he’s retired and moved away from the area and I am based in Basingstoke, the Winchester group is essentially no longer running.

However, I’ve seen many individuals over the years posting about (requests for) meetings within Hampshire, although no-one seemed to find Winchester convenient. I’m not sure whether another group has been set up nearer you (Portsmouth was mentioned several times).

If not, see you in Basgstoke soon perhaps.

Karen :slight_smile:


I’ve removed the Winchester listing from the newsletter now. Sorry to lead you astray there and I hope you find (or start up) a suitable group soon. Tag me if you need it promoting in the newsletter :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m about 20 miles west of Winchester, near Salisbury and would love to find people locally to meet up, after lockdown. Currently doing Sylfaen online and Level 1 SSIW, but have been learning on and off for years. Hope there are others out there. Cofion gorau, Val