Anyone Looking for an SSiW Gig Buddy?

Is there anyone in the Cardiff/Valleys area who fancies going to some Welsh language gigs with me on an informal, as-and-when they come up basis? I’m hoping to go and see Sen Segur on Fri night at Clwb Ifor Bach, and want to go there again next month to see Sŵnami after the Tafwyl festival.

So, if anyone is interested in meeting up on-and-off to practice some Welsh whilst enjoying some Welsh-language bands, let me know. Diolch. :slight_smile:

Hi Jon. I would be up for this. I always think I should go to more Welsh gigs. Unfortunately, I can’t go tonight or to the sŵnami gig on the 12th. If you come across any more gigs let me know and I may be able to make one. I’m away from the 3rd until the 17th of July though.


I’d be up to see some welsh language bands around Cardiff when the gigs come up if you’re still looking for someone to hang with


Shwmae James. Sorry I’m so late seeing this. Yes, definitely. I’ll try and remember to keep an eye out for what’s on over the summer months and let you know. : -)

Okay cool

I’m reviving this old thread because I think it’s a brilliant idea! It may take off or it may not, but lets test the waters and see how it goes?

Have you ever fancied venturing to a Welsh gig but didn’t have anyone to go with? All year round throughout Wales there are performances by Welsh artists - from soloists to bands, from newbies to old stagers; in fields, pubs, theatres and festivals. There’s so much out there to enjoy and something to suit everyone.

But the logistics of attending a gig aren’t always easy. So if you feel like attending a gig and would like to go with/share a lift with another Welsh learner/speaker, possibly getting the chance to cement a new friendship in the process, then why not post here and see if anyone’s available?


Excellent idea. I always go on me tod [wrth fy hunan] and try and find people to speak Welsh with. Get in touch if you’re considering attending a gig at Clwb, Gwidihw or wherever around Cardiff.


@Mihil oes diddordeb gyda ti?

We’ve got tickets to go and see Lleuwen in Cardiff on 2 March, and there still seem to be some left.
Anyone else going? @AnthonyCusack @Y_Ddraig_Las


Currently: jealous

but we’re hoping we might be able to blackmail someone into baby-sitting so that we can go see her and Manon in the Galeri… :cross-fingers:

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Then I will be slightly jealous! Croesi bysedd, pob lwc!

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Great idea.
I can remember my first Welsh gig. I went on my own, but I had a blast.


A friend of mine I saw on Saturday (picking Angharad up from ballet) wanted to know if I’d seen ‘this incredible learner’ on Prynhawn Da… :slight_smile: :star: :star2:

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I love this idea. I’ll definitely post on this thread about an up coming gig.

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brilliant idea! will try to remember to post when i’m going to a gig…so…going to clwb canol dre caernarfon, on the 15th to see gai toms and bwncath…not sure who lives my way as i’m not very good at posting on this site, but anyone who lives up this neck of the woods very welcome…dewch yn lly!!

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Enjoy your gig and hope you find a buddy to accompany you. Clwb Canol Dre is an institution with lots od atmosphere - a real fun place to be. Have a great time! :slight_smile:

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I’ve got a couple of buddies to go with, but happy for others to join in the fun :notes::slight_smile:


We rarely get nights out, but we’re always happy to grab a coffee in town during the day… :slight_smile:


Hi, I found this thread stalking @chrome_angel :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (friend in real life). What a great idea. I’ve always felt a bit left out of the cultural side of living in Caernarfon. I’m too scared to go into Clwb Canol Dre on my own.

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omb, lol lol byd bach yndydy!! rhaid i ni cyfarfod a fynd i clwb canol dre, mae’n wych! it’s a small world you’ll love clwb canol dre, have a look and see if there’s anything you fancy, dwi’n real rock chick ond fydda i’n gwrando ar bob dim, welais i gai toms yn ddiweddara, FFANTASTIC o noson, anhygoel yn fyw, wir it ti! i’m a real rock chick tbh, but love live music in general, saw gai toms at clwb canol dre, he was so good i was lost for words! mae gen i broblem efo skype, wyti ar whatssapp? xxx