Anyone learning in east London?

Would be interested in meeting someone anywhere between Canary Wharf and Barking/Dagenham sort of area. Not sure of level. Nowhere near fluent but not a beginner either. Can talk about the past a bit and intentions. Have a fairly reasonable vocabulary.

@Deborah-SSi might be able to put something in next week’s email - in the meantime, you might find helpful :slight_smile:

I can get to Canary Wharf or Stratford fairly easily but i am only on challenge 3 so may not be able to speak as well as you heed yn hin.

Hi Stuart, I live in Rochester Kent and Work in Dartford, I drive and a train goes straight into Kings Cross. Happy to Meet up but I think you might be ahead of me. Welsh O level years ago, Duo Lingo x 60 days and 2 days into SSIW

I imagine an O level is probably miles ahead of me. :open_mouth: Nowhere near that sort of level.

To be fair it wasn’t much more than days of the week, months of the year, the weather, numbers, the time, hoffi, eisiau, clothes, shops, mwynhau, and Ga i. I have surpassed that a bit now with Ges i, Es i, Mae Gen i, and a little more but still feel in the early days of learning. Just signed up for the ssiw 6 month course today. Still happy to meet you no matter what your level. The other option is we could go up to the welsh centre in London together to one of the meet ups. At least we wouldn’t feel like we were on our own.

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Surprised at that as I’m from the O Level era too so assumed it would be a lot more in depth than that. Happy to meet but tend to work evening shifts and weekends so prefer to meet during the day in the week. Not sure if that suits you or not.
By the way, I noticed there’s a Sadwrn Siarad at the London Welsh Centre at the end of this month if you’re interested.

I’m away on holiday on 23-31st but lets definately take a trip up there soon. Weekdays not great for me as I’m working but im sure we can work something out.

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