Anyone in Aberystwyth June 3-5?

Sut mae, Aberystwythians!
I’ll be in Aberystwyth this evening and for the next day or day and a half. If any of the local SSIWers are around, want to meet up for a pint or a walk around town? And of course, sgwrs yn Gymraeg! Ga’i mi wybod. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Maureen is going to Borth and can drop me in Aber at about 9:45 am tomorrow (Tues 4/6/19)
I’d love to see you again. How about a coffee, cake and walk? Unless you’ve found a favourite cafe already, let’s meet at Baravin at the corner of Terrace Road and Marine Terrace at 9:45-ish. Warning, I’ve come back from the party with a cold

Swniau’n grêt! (Heb law y cold.:upside_down_face: Gwella’n fuan.)
Wela’i chdi 9:45 bore yfory yn Baravin.


Huw, Sori, dwi’n rhedeg bach yn hwyr, tua 10 munud hwyr. Mae’n ddrwg gen i. Wela’i chdi yn fuan wedyn yn

I live in Aber, so if other folks around were likewise inclined, I’d be happy to meet up for a pint somewhere like the Glengower (which is generally pretty quiet).

Hi Hector. Would you like to meet up around 8:30 or 9 tonight for a pint?

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Sure; 8:30 sounds good. Incidentally, my name is Chris; the username is just one I use regularly online.

Great! Well Chris, where shall we meet? Do they speak Welsh at the Glengower?

I don’t think they speak Welsh at the Glengower, unfortunately; it’s more that it’s a pub I don’t often get chance to go to. If you’d rather somewhere where the staff speak Welsh, then Yr Hen Lew Du, Coopers (I think; I hear it had a change in ownership) and a third pub whose name I have forgotten have at least some Welsh speaking staff.
Edit: Also, the Castle has at least one Welsh speaking staff member, and I believe there are a few learners there too.

As for a place to meet, I would suggest somewhere roughly central; possibly somewhere like outside the wetherspoons (which is between the train station and the bus station).

. I’m on the boardwalk South Beach area now, about to head back. Let’s meet at Hen Lew Du, If that works for you

Yeah, that works.

I’m on tenterhooks - did you finally meet??? :worried: :laughing:
Chris - she’s wonderful company. :smile:

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Going to head off now.

Rwydd yn neis cyfarfod ti, Chris. Diolch am y cwmni a’r sgwrs. Gobeithio bod dy garuad di yn gwella’n fuan. Pob lwc efo popeth!

Aw, diolch, Huw. Daw, wnaethon ni cyfarfod lan yn y diwedd yn y Hen Lew Du. A gafon ni sgwrs diddorol, 98/100 yn a Gymraeg.

Diolch 'to i ti a i Maureen (i Faureen?) ym bore a brunch hyfred. Weles i hyn henaw pan des i adref. Swr y fod ti’n gwybod am dani yn barod, ond rhag ofn:

Because I’m one of the “classroom monitors” :wink:, I’d better reply in English, but feel free to PM or e-mail me in Welsh in future. :smile:

I’m delighted you and Chris finally met up last night - it was like watching you both converge on a SatNav screen :laughing:

I really enjoyed our post-party morning together and spending time with such an interesting person. It was good to visit some of Aber’s seafront sites including the Castle which, as you cleverly observed, was built in 1988 (it was clearly inscribed on one of the walls)

I’m glad you enjoyed the brunch, but am sorry it was so late. I kept ignoring your increasingly desperate questions “Ti 'di cael brecwast / have you had breakfast” completely unaware that you were about to expire from hunger. :anguished:

I’m glad you met Maureen. It was good to have her with us as our walking dictionary. I couldn’t even remember “Gwyddoniaeth” which, as a scientist, was pretty embarrassing.:blush:

STEAMPUNK! :smile: :smile: No I wasn’t aware of this but I shall certainly attend because it involves our lovely narrow gauge railway and one of my favourite literary media. I wish someone would write a Steampunk novel in Welsh. I’m not sure I’ll attend the event in Top Hat and corsets, though - perhaps a bow-tie and matching cumerbund. :wink:

M & I hope you enjoy the rest of your visit to the UK and hope to see you again before too long.

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Thanks for the company, and thanks for the best wishes for my partner. As an aside, here is the European reference framework for language proficiency I described last night: CEFR. Likewise, I hope you enjoy the rest of your time here.

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