Anyone here who can translate directly from French to Spanish?

Our close friend Jesse is looking for someone to do some French to Spanish translation for a client of his - professional terms - and from what he’s seen of this community, he’d love it to be someone from here if possible…

Anyone fancy it? :slight_smile:

I’ve asked a friend, I’ll let you know what she says soon :blush:

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They’ve asked what’s involved?

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Best of my knowledge - some explanatory/promotional content that’s been tested in French, which is now going to be offered to a Spanish audience - I don’t think there’s a huge amount - but maybe the best next step would be for her to talk directly to Jesse?

And diolch o galon! :heart:

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Just waiting to see if she wants to go ahead :blush:

I’ve not had an answer either way so I’m guessing they’re not interested. Sori Jesse!

Diolch am adael i mi wybod - gwerthfawrogi dy ymdrechion yn fawr :slight_smile:

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A member of the family does this if you’re still looking. from Barry originally, but now lives in Barcelona.

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Hopefully that will work out, but if not, perhaps let me know?

I have a few colleagues who are 1st language Spanish. I’d have to check if they are ok with French.

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Ooh, I’ll ask - diolch!

@jamesmahoney - yup, still very much looking - could you PM contact details? :star: :star2: