Anyone else doing the Cornish course?

Oh, I love how Brezhoneg sounds in songs, but I haven’t started looking into it seriously yet. But I’d love to make a closer acquaintance with it later. I’m rather interested in all the Celtic languages, in fact, but the plan to learn something of all of them would be too ambitious, probably!

Thanks for the info - I found I had a copy of Skeul an Yeth still lurking on my computer from way back! The list of 1st lesson words via Aran was also useful. Still a good idea to learn by listening several times first, but reading the words later is helpful to record progress. Now I need to replace Kernewek by my limited Cymraeg vocab for the match later… :slight_smile:

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Hi all, am new here, and delighted to find such a wealth of resources about Cornish (thanks for providing great links), and looking forward to taking my first steps in learning the language :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum Shyron! Hope you enjoy the course :smile:

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A very warm welcome to the forum, Shyron - good luck with the course! :sunny:

Hi everyone
I’m new here I’m Cornish and want to learn my native language! It’s amazing how many people from around the world are interested in our Cornish
I am using memorise at the moment and have just found this ssi site anyone local on here I’m Bodmin area

Hello and welcome, Caroline! :smile: I’m not “local” to Cornwall (I’m an Australian living near London), but my ancestors were Cornish and I love visiting Cornwall. I’ve enjoyed the first course of SSi Cornish and hope there will be more to come. It’s really worth doing.

By the way, for all those here who may be interested, Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek (the Cornish Language Fellowship) have just announced details of next year’s Cornish Language Weekend, which will be held in Newquay from 8-10 April 2016. It’s for people of all ability levels — complete beginners to fluent speakers — who are interested in the Cornish language, with classes, talks and other activities throughout the weekend.

Would anyone else here like more info? I’m certainly hoping to be there. :grinning:


I would come, if I could… Are you taking part in this event?

Yes, I’m planning to! :star2: There’s some general information on the Kowethas’ website here: — but there’s a specific leaflet about the 2016 weekend that I received in the post with the November copy of An Gannas (the Kowethas’ monthly Cornish language magazine).

For anyone who’s interested, it would be worth contacting the Kowethas via their website and asking for a copy of the leaflet, as it comes with full details of the venue (a hotel in Newquay), prices and the booking forms.

I wonder if there’ll be some media coverage (probably) or if some kind soul would be willing to write an account of what will happen at the weekend. It will be very interesting to read!

@stella I think I’ll start another forum discussion specifically on the Cornish Language Weekend — that will make it easier to find for others who might like to attend.


Welcome to the forum, Caroline! We don’t have a lot of discussion about Cornish on here yet, but we’re hoping that will change with time… :slight_smile:

I’ve just begun the Cornish course here and am totally delighted with it! I only recently discovered Cornish while doing ancestry research, I found a page that happened to mention it. To help myself remember what it is I’m learning I think to myself ‘British Celtic’. I’d be curious to know if I’m the only New Zealand learning this gorgeous language. I hope one day we’ll see something like BBC ALBA for Cornish!


Welcome to the forum, David! I certainly haven’t heard of any other Kiwis learning Cornish, although we’ve got a few over on the Welsh side of things…:wink:

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Thanks for the welcome. I considered learning Welsh with it having more speakers and tele in it, but my father’s father’s father’s father was born in Cornwall in 1833, John Tonkin Roberts, so I’ll go with that. :smile:

In due course, it’ll make you much more unusual and interesting! Maybe you’ll end up getting on Cornish tv yourself, as some of our Welsh learners have done with Welsh tv… :sunny:

I’d have to learn it first, lol.
I’m curious about the tin tin book in Kernowek, is there an audio CD/mp3 for it?
I find audio recordings invaluable!

I’m afraid I don’t know - your best bet there might be to get in touch with MAGA:


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Hi David! I’m an Aussie learning Cornish (although currently living in England) — that’s close, at least… :wink:

I gather there are now two Tintin books available in Cornish, by the way — The Black Island (An Ynys Du) and The Crab with the Golden Claws (An Kanker ha’y Dhiwbaw Owrek). I know they’re available from Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek’s online shop: (scroll down a long way!) Doesn’t say anything about audio recordings, though.


Thanks for that!