Any Welsh TV shows (or radio, etc.) you like to watch/listen to?

Yes, I couldn’t wait for the week to pass to find out what was happening next in Lan a Lawr, only to find it was the last episode of the series and now I’ll have to wait who knows how long? I have made S4C aware of my feelings though through Facebook :wink:

I haven’t watched the first episode of 35 Diwrnod yet (it started last night) but I will as soon as I get a chance. It’s a whole new set of characters and set in Cardiff, so completely different from the first series but designed in the same way - a ‘whodunnit’ thriller with complex characters harbouring deep secrets. Should be great! And they’re running a competition - after the first 4 episodes you can send in who YOU think was responsible for the murder

Convoluted, as expected!! I don’t think I’ll enter the competition, even if I think I know the answer. It encourages hopelessly unlikely plot twists!!

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To everyone else, do any of you have trouble telling the characters apart? Almost all the men seem to be of a height, have dark hair and wear beards. I will not solve this case, because I still can’t tell who is who or who does what to whom!!!

I don’t have a problem with the men, but there are too many women with short, blonde hair! I get them very confused. I might have to start watching it again from the beginning to figure out what’s going on.

Of course, as it happens, the actual perpetrator was not one of the ones who confused me, but I found this series far less satisfying than the first! The end, to me, was a cop out!!

I haven’t watched the last few episodes. I’ll have to sit down and have a viewing evening and see what I think.

To all outside UK
@YDraigGoch can no longer receive S4C in Borneo. I had a feeling some of you were getting better coverage lately. Can anyone help?
p.s. I am still enjoying ‘Dim ond y gwyr’.

I’m watching it too! It’s getting better! I was fearing they would never show an episode where the court would actually reach the right decision, but they did, luckily:)

Can you help @YDraigGoch? I know you are not near Borneo, but you are not next door to the UK!!! He says he is not very computer literate. Maybe I should ask @tatjana ??? :smiley: :sunny:

I honestly don’t understand much about it! I have access to the S4C International page and I seem to be able to watch everything there as usual. Let’s maybe tag @tatjana, she understands much more about computer things than I do?

@YDraigGoch, here’s the URL to S4C international (which I didn’t see presented on their main page though) There you can watch quite some things although not everything you’d possibly like to watch, but anyway, at least something. You can download the DalAti app from Google Play (if you have android) or App Store (if you have iDevices) also and watch some things through it, but not much though. There’s also S4C app but we, out of UK, don’t even get to see it (at least not in Google Play). You can see it on PC, but you’re not able to download it though.

All the rest ways around are illegal and this for I won’t explain them here and besides, if you are using computer for other purposes also, like playing games, accessing some sites etc, yuo can get in trouble and even get banned from some services so I don’t recommend too much playing with that or you’d have to be extreamly careful.

Please (for the safety of this forum, SSiW company and community) don’t discuss those illeagal resources on this forum but limit to those legal ones. Also there’s a thread about watching S4C elswhere then UK here in which there was quite “hot” discussion about all this and you might read this first. You might find (among our arguing what’s leagal and what not) some useful resources there too.

This is all from my point. More I don’t know regarding this matter either.

I’m sorry @henddraig, @stella and @YDraigGoch but I’m not superpower hero even in tech area though. :slight_smile:

You talk about aps and androids. You have no idea how much I don’t know about technology but at least a friend has sorted something out for me with your assistance.
Many thanks and Happy New Year.

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I’m glad to hear you’ve sorted something out. And no problem. We can’t be all for everything, can we? :slight_smile:

Happy new year to you too!

I’m so glad. Have you signed the petition at

to @tatjana Thank you very, very much!! And please, I hope you know I don’t expect you to tell anyone of anything illegal!
I am as clueless as @YDraigGoch about aps and androids!! Clever mobile phones have only just started to be usable here and I have managed until now without!!

Don’t worry. You’ll get used to technology in time if you’d need it, I’m sure. :slight_smile:

I know. I just want to make sure that those “hot discussions” we once had and @wondersheep had to edit posts afterwards (even mine) wouldn’t happen again.

Being edited has one brilliant side effect (if you’re not banned of course - hehe) though: You can quickly learn what’s wrong and what right and become more careful about what you post and how forum works in the future. All I have established about the forum and its rules I have to somehow thank to @wondersheep, @Sionned and @aran. Diolch i chi (tri) bawb.

But, of course, I don’t suggest you should do wrong on purpose.