Any Welsh learners / speakers in Mississippi / Alabama?

Been a long while since I used the forum (sorry for such a long delay).

I live in Meridian and am looking for others who are either learning Welsh (northern or southern dialect) or those who speak Welsh. I’m sure in a state this size there has to be at least one other in the State.

I speak north Walean but am able to change wording or phrasing to for those who are learning or who speak south Walean.

Diolch yn fawr. Edrych ymlaen at gwarfod pobl newydd yn Mississippi sy’n dysgu/siarad Cymraeg.
Thank you very much. Looking forward to meet new people in Mississippi who are learning/speak Welsh.


Have you found the #the-americas channel in the Welsh Speaking Practice Slack group @erisculpepper? There may be people in there from your area.

There seem to be a few people besides you @erisculpepper in Mississippi and Alabama on the SSiW Map. You’ll find the maps here: - scroll down the the “Rest of the World” map and zoom in on your area. Somewhat less than 10% of our learners are actually on the map, though, so surely there are more!

Sorry for the long delay in replying.

I have checked the map in the past. Everyone noted as near my location are either no longer available or no response. I’m sure there are more than just myself.

I speak Welsh fairly fluent, but would still love to find others who speak or are learning Welsh to start some type of group for activities and/or to help people who are interested in learning or bettering their Welsh. In the Meridian area, there are at least 20 languages that are spoken. Surely there are more than just myself who speak Welsh (fingers crossed… lol)

Thanks for your reply!! Diolch o galon!

Hiya, Deborah!

I haven’t as of yet. I think I’ve been on Slack before (can’t remember now). May never find others but that’s fine. I do have a friend in north Wales with whom I chat every week. She’s helped me SO much with my Welsh over the years. Still, would be nice to find others closer to home who are speak or are learning the language.

Diolch i chdi!! :slight_smile:

Shwmae Eris!

I’ve checked and you’re listed as a member in the Welsh Speaking Practice Slack site, so you can definitely go in there and see if there is anyone closer to you. There is a channel called #the-americas specifically for people in, well, The Americas :slight_smile: I’ll send you a message from inside there. It should come as an email and help you find your way in.

Sometimes they organise chat sessions in there, but there are also other opportunities to join groups, or to set up 1:1 chats with people. The ideal would be to find someone living in your area and that’s always a possibility.

It’s been a while since I asked in the newsletter, so I’ll pop a message in there for next week and see if we can find some people for you.