Any Welsh learners in y Swistir/ greater Zurich area?

Hello there!

I have been learning Welsh for one and a half years and would love the chance to siarad Cymraeg with other people. Is there anyone in the greater Zurich area interested in a meetup?


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@Deborah-SSi :slight_smile:

Hi @chrisweber, I’ll include a note in this week’s newsletter and see if we can find you some local conversation partners.

If not, have you joined the online conversation practice platform on Slack? Send an email to if you’d like to join.

Shwmae Chris
I’m just across the border from you in Vorarlberg! It’s a bit of a drive but I’d love to meet occasionally to ymarfer siarad Cymraeg. We could maybe meet in the middle in St. Gallen or some other town.


Helo Marion

Sounds good! :smiley: I’m going to be in Bangor for the next two weeks, so let’s maybe see whether anybody else wants to join us and fix a date when I’m back.

Cofion o’r Fryste

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