Any Welsh learners in Aberystwyth?

Hello! I arrived from New Delhi (India) 10 days ago in Wales, living in Aberystwyth, and will be here for the next three months. I have been through the first 5 challenges in Say Something in Welsh and I have found that my knowledge of Indian languages (Hindi and Urdu) helps greatly in getting Welsh sounds and pronunciations right. I’m enjoying the learning process so much that Aran now gives me company whenever I walk up and down the hill, along the sunset at Aberystwyth beach, and even while shopping and buying groceries (Sorry, Aran!).

While most people wonder why I’m speaking to myself, or laughing on my own, or making funny faces to get the ‘ll’ sound right, I’m keen to meet more of you like me who may be around and like to meet up for a conversation. Let’s become confident Welsh speakers, together?

PS: I can now proudly pronounce ‘Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch’. Mission successful, and I’m ready to go home!


Welcome to the forum a Chroeso I Gymru :slight_smile:

@Nicky lives in Aber
@hewrop isn’t a million miles away

I’ll let them point you in the right direction :smile:


Ah, diolch! I met @Nicky last week at Siop y Pethe — wondering if we can get a group together to meet up at different locations every week to explore the town as well as practice our Welsh together!


Welcome to the forum!
I’m not in Aber myself, but when I was on holiday in Wales, I got to meet fellow forum member and all around nice guy @Nicky, who’s living in Aberystwyth. I suspect he’ll contact you soon :slight_smile:

Have fun in Wales, and good luck learning Welsh!


I feel welcome already! Glad I reached out on the forum :slight_smile: Thank you, @Hendrik and @AnthonyCusack!

Don’t apologise - it’s lovely to be back at my alma mater, even if only virtually - I spent almost five years walking up and down that hill and along those beaches - have you found the way down into town through the bluebell woods yet? That was a particular favourite of mine… here:

Turn off the hill at and then go onto the path at and it will bring you out above North Road at :slight_smile:

And a very warm welcome to Wales… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :star2:


So lovely to hear from you, @aran! Thanks for the tip, I’m definitely taking this route down today. I live on North Road, so this is super convenient.

Also, thank you for your extremely uncanny and spooky emails - you usually address exactly what’s on the student’s mind, at exactly the right time. It feels customised almost. Not sure how you do it, but I’m sure it keeps a lot of us going. Diolch.

PS: What is the music every lesson begins and ends with? Very curious.

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That’s so kind of you - diolch! And I just managed to send the answer to your email that I thought had gone already… :ahem:

The music - you’re on Level 1? That would be Lleuwen:

and you can find out more about her on her website:

And here she is with a slightly more up-tempo version in the Wrecsam Eisteddfod:

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@aran – She’s wonderful! This will be on loop on my way through Penglais Nature Park…

Feel free to send any more Aber suggestions this way! Looking forward to meeting up with some Welsh learners here :slight_smile:

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If in doubt (and in Aberystwyth) the answer is the Cŵps…:wink:

I would shamelessly point you in the direction of my book about learning Welsh (most of which happened in Aberystwyth) but ‘the Cŵps’ is about 95% of it…:smiley:


Hello @mohinigupta you have indeed met me already!

In terms of Aber, here is my rough - up to date guide as to where you can safely use your Welsh without fear of someone replying “WAAAAH… WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?”

Y Cwps
Yr Hen Lew Du.
are the big two that are the main language strongholds. There are spatterings of Welsh speakers in other pubs in the town as well. I liken the difference between the two of them as (Y Cwps - thinking man/woman’s pub, Yr Hen Lew Du - bit more lively).

Coffee #1
Sophie Bach
Y Caban
Crimson Rhino (Closing soon apparently)
All of these cafes have Welsh speaking staff - ranging from fluent speakers to learners, but I’ve had success in ordering from all of these in Cymraeg.

Siop Y Pethe
Mona Liza
The Treehouse
Broc Mor
Most of the charity shops.
I don’t do a lot of shopping myself, but all of the above have been great.

There are a couple of other chat groups that meet in the town (Home Cafe every Thursday) and (Crimson Rhino) first Saturday of every month, also.

I’m also interested in setting something else up in the near future that would be suitable for those who work during the day.


Aside from this as well, any time you fancy a coffee - let me know!


Also - just because I haven’t mentioned a shop, doesn’t mean they don’t speak it!

Loads of people around here speak Welsh, but a fair few of them don’t know so many people do. It’s a bit of shy Welsh town, so to speak.

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It’s always worth a try in Aber. I think Aber is the proof that even where Welsh is spoken by a majority of people, it can stop being a community language simply because it’s a safer bet that people will speak English (99% do) than Welsh even if 60% do.

By the way, add INC to the list of shops where you’re guaranteed a Welsh speaker behind the counter.


I hit the jackpot at an unlikely spot, Baravin, touristy spot right on the beach. Btw, i’ll be there tomorrow @Nicky if coffee can happen then.


Hi Bobi.

I’ll text you in the morning when I know how work is looking! :slight_smile:


I’m on holiday in Barra (not bara :slight_smile: ) at the moment but will add to any pointers from @Nicky when I get back.
Croeso i’r fforwm, by the way. :smiley:


@nicky – This is so useful, thank you! Maybe we could plan a weekend meet-up at Y Cŵps/Coffee #1 if you all are free – early evening on Saturday? Let me know!

@Bobi – Do join if you are around too…

@robbruce – Thank you! Do you live here as well?

@hewrop – We will plan the next meet-up once you’re back then!

(Sorry about the series of individual replies but new users are only allowed to mention two people per comment apparently…)