Any SsiW cyclists out there?

Hi folks, random question - are there any fellow cyclists out there yn y byd SSiW? Especially any that use the Strava app? It would be hyfryd iawn i sgwrs yn y Gymraeg ar Strava.

Yes! Well I say yes but I’m a lapsed cyclist at the moment! :smiley::bike:

@CrisLeaman Very keen cyclist here! But not a great fan of Strava. I much prefer Ride with GPS! I find it easier to use to draw up routes and record my rides and stay out of all the competive elements of Strava.

In 2018 I rode from Caergwbi (Holyhead) to Caerdydd (Cardiff) as part of my ‘rite of passage’ to becoming a Welsh Speaker. I tried to complete the journey speaking as much Welsh as possible and timed it to end at the National Eisteddfod in Cardiff. Have a look for the thread Taith heb Saesneg on here somewhere! The SSiW community were brilliant - put me up, fed me met me on route and to chat in the evenings…I even ended up on Heno!

I ride about 100 miles a week and always try to do a ‘big ride’ in May. I’ve done LEJoG, Malin Head to Mizen Head, 2 Coast to Coast rides (including the Tran Pennine Trail) and lots of riding in Wales.

If you fancy a sgwrs Cymraeg I’m sure we can sort it out


Diolch Gog, shame about your take on Strava. I remember reading the threads on your Taith heb Sasesneg and being massively impressed. You’re ahead of me in terms of rides done, LeJog, etc. I do about 100 a week also, I’ve done 6 century rides so far, includimg Tour of Anglesey, also Velothon Cymru. Was training for a trip to French Alps in Sept to coincide with my 60th b’day but Covid has buggered that up. I’m doing my own Tour de Yorkshire instead now. Sgwrs Cymraeg would be great but not sure how. I’ve signed up to Slack but haven’t used yet. One attempt, one miserable failure. Cofion gynnes, Cris.

Shwmae Lynne, awww bechod bod ti’n lapso. Any chance of you un-lapsing any time soon?

I’d planned and paid for a West to East tour. From Ardnamurchan Point to Lowestoft; the furthest Westerly and Easterly points on the mainland. Luckily I got refunded on all our accommodation except 1 hotel and a complete refund on the Caledonian Sleeper.

Some tough hills in Yorkshire!

If you sort out Slack we could sgwrs Cymraeg. Or just start a one-to-one video call?

I’m OK with an OS Map :smiley:

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Yn pendant. Diolch yn fawr. I’ll message u when ive got the hang of Slack. Will give it another go soon. That West to East tour sounds amazing. Hope u get to do it post Covid. Hwyl.

Hi, dw i’n hoffi beicio mynydd. Dw i’n dod o Gaerdydd ond dw i’n bwy wrth Aberystwyth nawr. Dw’n gwaithio yn Bwlch Nant Yr Arian gyda’r llybrau beicio mynydd. Hoffwn i Strav eto. Dych chi’n joio mynd mas ar y trac sengl eto?

Shwmae Andrew. Mae’n bendigedig ond anffodus dwi’n ‘roadie’. Ond mae gen i barch fawr am beiciwyr mynydd ar ol fynd am taith trac sengl efo met yr wythnos diweddaf. Roedd o’n gret ond tipyn bach o ‘terrifying’ weithiau! Byddai chwilio i chdi ar Strava yn fuan - beth yw dy cyfenw di plis?
Edrych ymlaen i sgwrsio yn y Gymraeg ar Strava.
Iechyd, Cris.

Hia Cris,
Pam o hir wryt ti wedi bod yn dysgu Cymraeg? Fy enw i yw Andrew Rendell, gallwch ddod o hyd i mi ar Strava os mynnwch. Byddaf yn chwilio amdanoch. Dw’n mynd mas nawr, ar dy beic fi, Cadno sy’n dod gyda’r fi. Cadno ydy’r fi ci fach fi
Da bo am nawr, siarad gydar ti ymlaen eto? mae’n da i ymarfer Cymraeg gyda’r rhywun arall.

Guys, hope you don’t mind, but a gentle reminder - your written Welsh is great, but in order to keep the forum accessible to those who are just starting out we ask that you either post in English or in Welsh with an English translation. I know it seems a bit counter-intuitive not to do posts in Welsh on a Welsh forum, but beginners who may be interested in this thread may be discouraged if they can’t follow your posts. :slight_smile:


Fair enough Sharon. No probs. Got a bit carried away! :grinning:

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Thats great Andrew. Ive been learning since about oct 2015 i think. Ive done all the north welsh courses and am up to lefel 3 on the south now (gwers 16 i think). What is your preference for future conversations? Yes it is great to be able to practice Welsh with someone else - and a fellow cyclist too! You’re welcome to have my email address to be able to chat more privately & yn y Gymrarg. See you on Strava soon. Hwyl!

I found four andrew rendells on strava - hope one of them is you mate! My strava profile pic is the ssme as my ssiw one.

oops sorry
oops mae drwg gen i

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Wyt ti’n iawn Cris, ti di wedi dod o hyd fi ar Strava.
Your ok Cris, you have found me on Strava.