Any Questions about the Online Eisteddfod 2021

If you have any general questions at all, could you please write them in this thread so we keep them all together, and it’s easy for people to look and see if their question has already been answered.

If your question relates directly to one of the categories, it’s fine to ask in those threads.

Diolch yn fawr :slight_smile:

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Shwmae Deborah

Should inspiration be so kind as to pay me a visit, would it be possible to join the Eisteddfod in more than one category?

Thank you in advance :sunny:

Yes, you can enter in as many categories as you like - but not more than once in a single category. Let’s hope you get lots of inspiration :slight_smile:

Sut mae Deborah. How do I please submit a video where I sing a song I wrote in Welsh?
Please advise.
Thank you!

Helo @jenirizio-1! The instructions for submitting entries are in the Categories and Rules document which you can download from Latest news on the Online Eisteddfod 2021!

The singing entries are audio only, rather than video, and they should be anonymous for the judging, so don’t give away too much here or people will know which is your entry :slightly_smiling_face:

If you still have questions after reading the instructions, just post again here tagging @gisella-albertini and she’ll be able to clarify things for you.

Pob lwc!

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I’ve written two versions of the 20 line poem, but can’t decide which to send in. There’s nothing in the rules to say we can only send in one work, but can you confirm the situation @gisella-albertini please

@bryanroberts - only 1 entry please. Here’s what it says in the rules:

ENTRIES: The SSiW Eisteddfod is open to all Welsh learners, SSiW member or not. However, there is a limit of ONE entry per category per person.

Mae drwg gen i @Deborah-SSi mi gwnes i wedi colli honna

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S’mae! If I decide to submit entries for multiple categories, do I have to use the same ffugenw for all of them?

No, you can, but it can be an advantage if you don’t. That way when people are voting they don’t realise it’s the same person :slight_smile:

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Hi, I see that the closing day is 31 October but I didn’t see any time mentioned - do we have until midnight @gisella-albertini? Thanks

I’m pretty sure you’ll have until midnight UK time at least. We’ve usually allowed a little more time for entries from the north American time zones to be fair to them. Gisella is travelling at the moment, but I’m sure she’ll give a definite answer when she can.

Hi Andy, official closing day/time is now November 5th at 23:59 GMT.

More details here:

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Bore da, I want to enter a poem for the Eisteddfod, but could you tell me if my ffugenw should appear on my submission, or just on the accompanying email? Thanks in advance.

Which preposition goes with “Gwneud môr a mynydd” please? :slight_smile:
Is it: gwneud môr a mynydd o rywbeth… or maybe gwneud môr a mynydd am rywbeth? :slight_smile:

And is it OK to have different nicknames for different categories? :slight_smile: Just in case someone might recognise your voice… :slight_smile:

If it’s on the e-mail it’s easier for me to get everything sorted.
But don’t worry, too mucih, just send it in and if there’s anything missing I’ll write back and ask!

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Yes, you can use all possible combinations of nicknames: same for all categories, different one for each categories, same for some and different for others.:grin:

And good idea changing it if you think you might get easily busted from your voice. :wink:

P.s. the preposition question is probably better answered and faster, I the general quick question thread - this is a bit more specific for technical or rules related ones

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Diolch - I’ll make sure it’s on my entry and on my email!

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