Any meet-ups in Nottinghamshire? (East Midlands)

S’mae pawb!

I wondered if there were any meet-ups in Nottinghamshire, or any local learners who’d be interested in meeting up? I’ve been working through SSiW for a year now, and I’m on level 2, and I’d love to find make some local friends to practice with!



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Hi Caz theres definitely a group in Nottingham that meets up (or at least did before Covid), try this link

I’m sure theres some people on this forum from Notts too. Hope that helps

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Theres also a group in Belper which might not be too far (depending on whereabouts in Nottinghamshire you are). Right now they’re still online but they’ve been talking about potentially moving back to in person meetings

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Hi Caz, I’m in Nottingham and at a similar stage in SSIW to you. Happy to meet up, although I worry we could just spread our own bad habits?!

Cheers, Chris

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I’ll pop a note in this week’s newsletter, @caz-pindsvin, and see if there is anyone else in your area.

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Hi Caz, I’m in north Notts near Retford. I’m pretty new only on level 1 challenge 13 (which is a BEAR!) so not a lot of vocabulary for chatting yet, but willing to try now or in the future on zoom as not able to travel far.
Diolch. Ann

What a drag. Just moved from Nottingham although so far still fairly near. Derby. Though plan is to get back to Wales. Still in the Nottingham Welsh Society and in fact we met for a lovely St David’s tea yesterday. Will let you contact the Society Caz for official response but can advise it would be worth you joining for interest in Welsh Culture but talks are in English. Normally there is totally Welsh Speaking Bore Coffee once a month in a member’s house

Sorry that went too soon. A monthly Bore Coffi, but that is currently on Zoom (contact Jonathan Simcock SSIW). And a bilingual carol service, Christmas party and Noson Llawen’s and you’ll get to know about any Wales related events in the wider area. Our St David’s event is usually a dinner with a speaker. A friendly welcoming group.Also check out Tyfu Cymraeg on line. Free on line workshops . Sadly the Derby Learners Group folded when Jonathan left the area but I believe the Welsh Language walks are to continue and Jonathan is holding a monthly “Paned” on line. He is also still producing Llais o Derwent, the related papur bro. Pob lwc!

Cas, if you want to join a Zoom session for East Midlands Learners /Welsh speakers we are meeting online at 10.30am this Saturday.

Jonathan Simcock is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Sesiwn Panad a Sgwrs Cylch Dysgwyr Cymreg Derby
Time: Mar 5, 2022 10:30 AM London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 885 8236 7686
Passcode: 605647

Hi Jonathan! I literally just saw this due to Life happening. Do you still have these zoom meetings? Diolch!

Yes @caz-pindsvin, but you just missed one on 11 June! :upside_down_face: Why not email Jonathan at jonathan_simcock at yahoo dot com to make sure you get an invitation to the next one? :slight_smile:

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Caz, sorry I don’t often look at the SSIW Forum, our next Zoom meeting is on Monday 3-10-22, you are welcome to attend, see link below, but note we stick to Welsh, use of English is avoided.
Cofion gorau
Time: Oct 3, 2022 10:30 AM London
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Meeting ID: 894 8479 5138
Passcode: gU667s

Sh’mae Jonathan

Even though I live in the depths of Mid Wales, may I please join your zoom session on 3rd November?

The reason is that I spent 3 years at Nottingham Uni in the late hippy 60s and 20 years lecturing in Caerlyr/Leicester. My wife and mother-in-law come from just over the border in Derby. So the East Midlands remain close to my heart.

I would, of course, respect your Welsh only rule even though that might mean my keeping quiet some of the time. :smile:

I believe I had the pleasure of meeting you at the 10th Anniversary party in Caernarfon but my memory may be playing tricks again. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hwyl am y tro