Any meet-ups in Aberdare?

Any welsh speakers/learners in Aberdare have meet-ups/ want to do one?


@Deborah-SSi? :slight_smile:

Hello @callumroberts there’s a regular one in Clwb y Bont in Pontypridd and Jamie Bevan runs one in his Caffi Soar in Merthyr, but Aberdare seems to be the missing link in the valleys triangle!

Get one started :smiley:


Haha diolch Nicky. Sad knowing the history of the area with the welsh language that modern Aberdare has no obvious remnants of it. If anyone else is reading from Aberdare get in touch with me here because I’d like to get something started.

Was also informed there are a group of learners in Hirwaun, so I’m going to find out what I can about that.


You may get a couple of people willing to come over the Rhigos too, as there was a learners group based at CF42 (Cafe Bar in Treherbert)

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There are free classes in Hirwaun Rugby Club, all levels and a conversation group on Tuesday evenings at 7:30 p.m. (school term time). Come and have a look anytime.


Hylo Pawb
I have just bought a house in Aberdar originally to retire to but things have changed workwise so I will be back in Aber at least two weekends a month
Please keep me posted
The Cacen group in Brighton has been a good model, maybe we can recreate that here
Looking foreard to meeting up
Meanwhile on my first visit to Aber i asked at the library what Welsh went on in the area and was told ‘none’
The building next door is a Welsh Language chapel
Anybody been?


That sounds like a challenge to me :wink:

I know
If Callum hadn’t put out his message I was going to shortly
My house purchase solicitor has already declared an interest
I will be in Aberdar Thursday and Friday 4th and 5th April if anyone fancies making a start
Alternatively how about Easter Saturday?

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Looks like Easter Saturday 20th April

Anybody fancy a meetup at my house in Aberdare?

If you’re game please drop me a private message and I will let you have the address

Bring a small plate of food for a shared lunch

Meet 1:00 til 3:10
If it goes on a bit longer all well and good


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Are you Paul Davies and family now living in Perth Australia ???

Did anyone ever take you up on this? Is there now a group in Aberdare?


Hi Kate

Sadly no, but since then I havce moved into Aberdare fulltime and another SSIW member recently got in touch as well and I know of another SSIW member in Caerffili

Wew have yet to arrange anythingm but if you’d like to meet up, I have a garden we could sit in and I could invite the others.

Where are you?

Would a weekend day be ok?

I look forward to hearing from you.