Any legal way to watch Pobol y Cwm outside the UK?

I just want to watch Welsh soap operas here in the states and BBC iplayer and s4c hate us here. :frowning:

If you haven’t already, I’d probably contact s4c directly to see if they can help


Hi folks, I just removed a post suggesting a VPN service to bypass the geoblock. I’m sorry about this, but we err on the side of caution with these things, and don’t want the forum to be used to suggest ways people can bypass restrictions Rights Holders put in place on their work.

(Because it could lead to SSi being metaphorically beaten up by said Rights Holders, and we don’t want bad things to happen to SSiW)


I connected S4C on Facebook and they have one program out to watch internationally, and said they are working on getting more programs available outside of the UK but it would be slow going. At least I have Radio Cymru :smile:


@wrenmoyer I’m not sure which program S4C meant when they told you there was one, but I can see three with at least some episodes available at the moment…Cariad@Iaith 2015, Patagonia Huw Edwards, and Y Sgwrs. The episodes do seem to expire 30 days after they were broadcast. This is the link to programs available worldwide that works for me: