Any learners in the Dinbych/Denbigh area?

After a bit of a break I’m back on course! Will be doing level 2 challenges 5 & 6 this week and I’m looking for meet ups in the area, or maybe will start one up of any interest?

Hello Joanne, I’m over in Conwy and currently on level 1 lesson 15. My husband is also doing the course and a bit further ahead than me. We would both be really interested in a regular meet up to practise speaking

Brilliant! Shall we see how much interest we get and take it from there? I also put the question out on the local Denbigh Facebook group and there seems to be a lot of interest so the local Menter Iaith has got involved and is looking at setting something up in Denbigh but not everyone is doing SSIW. Would you be interested in that? Or is it better keeping SSIW meetings separate. What are your thoughts?

Hi again Joanne, ideally I’d like to join a group of SSiWs as it would be good to also share experiences of the course itself and the learning process we are using. I’ve just joined the Facebook page set up by another SSiW learner - Panad a sgwrs - but there doesn’t seem to be a regular SSiW meeting - though lots of other venues to practice are advertised here.
Shall we see if there is any interest in a SSiW meeting ?

Yes sounds good. Are you happy to advertise on the Facebook group, and I’ll try to find and join it too x

Hello, I’m in Eryrys - currently L1 challenge 20

Yes, I’ll try to do that in the next few days - see what interest is out there

Hi Mark, thank you for replying. it’s really starting to look like there aren’t many learners up this end. If I set something up are you happy to travel to Denbigh? It looks like it’s a bit of a journey for you, especially if we don’t get any more interest. I’m happy to try though. Unless you want to try a hangout over internet first to see how we get on?

I am happy to travel - its only 1/2 hour or so but would try a hangout (although Ive not had much luck figuring that side out so far!)


Let’s try a Hangout! Or Skype! This week I’m free The and Thu evenings after 7.30; Sat afternoon and Sun anytime, if any of those are good for you