Any Kernewec speakers in Japan?

We’ve had an email from Peter who is enthusiastically learning Kernewec (Cornish) in Kyoto, Japan!! He would love to know if there are any other learners or native speakers around to talk to. It’s a very long shot, but does anyone know anyone?

Please let me know if there are other Kernewek speakers in Kyoto or more generally in Japan. I’d love to try out my Kernewek and engage in conversations to practise and learn more! I’m wending my way through the brilliant saysomethingin Kernewek lessons. I love them! I’m at a stage where my a yll kewsel Kernewek, mes ny allavy y gewsel because there’s no one I know of in Japan or Kyoto to converse with.

Further to Deborah’s kind introduction, if there are too few Cornish speakers in Japan, perhaps someone would be content to be a pen pal in rudimentary Kernewek (as I progress through the early lessons on saysomethingin), and supplementary Sowsnek? Just after simple conversation mostly using what little Kernewek I can already understand. It’ll be markedly tedious at first, I acknowledge, but I hope to progress steadily with practice.
Also, if anyone who is willing to help intends ever to visit Japan, I’ll be here to assist with pleasure!
Best wishes,
Peter Trebilco