Any groups meeting in Edinburgh or Newcastle?

I have recently returned from a trip to Wales where I was able to join a group of other learners. A great experience which I would like to continue. I tried to get a group going in north Northumberland a little while ago without success, but am prepared to travel to Edinburgh or Newcastle if there are any groups operating there. If there is anybody out there please let me know.

Good luck with your request Douglas, it’s fantastic to hear you had such a positive eerience in Wales!
Pob lwc!

I’d be interested in a group in Edinburgh too if there was one.

Since I went to Bootcamp last month, I’ve been thinking about setting up a group in Northumberland - but am dithering about when and where! I’m definitely interested in meeting up with other learners/first language speakers. Would be good to give it a go. Where did you try in north Northumberland, Douglas?

I live in Norham, near Berwick-upon-Tweed and was prepared to travel up to 40 miles by car or Newcastle / Edinburgh by train. I put the first feelers out on the old forum and it is still there. Initially I just wanted to meet up with any other interested people in a cafe / pub / or on a walk and to take it from there. Anyway thanks to you both (Polly and Anne) for showing interest.

I live just north of Alnwick, so not far from you at all. I would be happy to travel about 30 miles on an occasional basis to try and get a group started. If it is to attract learners and native speakers from Tyneside, I guess we need to consider a venue in or south of Morpeth. Newcastle might work, if people were able to use public transport. It would be a real achievement to find 6 or so people who would like to meet up!

Go for it, and do advertise widely ie local newspapers, radio other Facebook sites for learners not forgetting FB site Menter Iaith Lloegr

Also, if there is such a thing as a Welsh society / St. David’s Society in your area, check in with them. That’s how I dug up enough learners and speakers to form the nucleus of our Washington, D.C. practice group.

Thanks Johnathan and Diane, that’s all useful advice.

Four of us have arranged to meet up in a local cafe tomorrow morning. We might have the embryo of a group!!