Any Australian Welsh learners?

I live in Western Australia and have been learning Welsh for a few years. I have just completed the basic units of ‘Foundation in Welsh’ course at University of Wales Trinity St Davids. The fees at the uni have increased considerably and so I will be unable to continue the study there. I would like to find a way of developing a reciprocal conversation in Welsh with someone, to continue at least the practice of writing in Welsh. My ability is at a beginners level.

Croeso Brenda! There are quite a few learners in Australia on here and also on the Slack Welsh Speaking Practice group, which you’re very welcome to join (they even have their own Antipodes sub-group so you can chat at times other than middle of the night in the UK!) and I’m sure once they see this post some will be around to say hi, but I’ll tag Andy for you now @andrewrees , and if you don’t come across it whilst browsing the forum, you might like to read this thread too - Welsh conversation practice in Australia


You might find handy - ah, I see Siaron has just beaten me to it… :slight_smile:

Helo Brenda, Croeso. Dw i’n byw yn Queensland. Hello, welcome. I live in Queensland. Welshspeakingpractice on slack provides a dynamic environment for Welsh chats. In addition to the-antipodes, there is a sgwrs channel for written chats.

The 6 month (paid) course runs a “hangout” on Wednesdays. I think that this would be about 4:30 pm WA time (7:30 here). This provides a professional tutor guided session with Q & A in English for half an hour followed by a mediated chat for about an hour. Great value!

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Su’mae bawb! I’m a Welsh tutor with 7 years experience. I’ve just moved to Sydney with my partner who is from here and I am looking for new, enthusiastic Welsh learners! I’m available for learners of all ages and experience in Sydney and by Skype to all those in the Southern Hemisphere! Hit me up if you reckon I can help in any way.

Diolch, Alys