Another variation on Bod?

I have recently bought a copy of @garethrking’s latest book, Working Welsh, and have been poring over it. It has already illuminated SO many little things that have been confusing me for ages, so thank you for that!

However, right at the start, it has thrown up a new puzzle that I haven’t been able to resolve. Several of his examples use " ŷn" (yn with a to bach over the y, in case that doesn’t reproduce properly), in a way that seems to be a form of continuous present:

  • ŷn angen rhywun (We need (we are needing) someone)
  • ŷn ni bwriadu (we are planning)
  • ŷn ni byth yn eu gweld nhw (we never see (we are never seeing) them)

I don’t think I have ever come across this construction before, and I can’t find any explanation in any of my other grammar books (including Gareth’s Modern Welsh and Modern Welsh Dictionary).

Can anyone help me out here? Is it just “Dyn ni” with the d dropped and the y lengthened - maybe a regional thing? If not, when would one use this construction, and what are the equivalents for fi, ti, fo, chi, nhw… ?



'dyn, ŷn (and the literary ydynt) are all forms of ydyn. ŷn is generally the more South Walian form.


Thanks, Siaron. Nice to hear from you!

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Diolch, Catriona! :slight_smile:

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Gareth, I have found your ‘Working Welsh’ very useful as well . I was interested to note your mention of ‘Downie’s Vaults’ in the intro. When I was a student at Aber in the late 60’s I had a flat share at 34 Eastgate - above what is now the Indian restaurant - and just over the road from Downie’s - which naturally became our local . It looked to have fallen on hard times when I was last in Aber . Can confirm that its former glories have now been restored ?