Another SSiWer on Radio Cymru!

Helo pawb,

As some of you may know from another thread, I am a football coach and have written match analysis blogs on Wales games in Welsh in order to help learn the language. I was lucky enough to be on Ar y Marc on BBC Radio Cymru yesterday morning. It was a wonderful experience and I surprised myself by holding a ten minute conversation, 5 minutes or so of which is available here

Thank you to Radio Cymru for the opportunity!

Ar y Marc is a great show made by great people :+1:

And of course, a huge diolch to SSiW for helping me learn my native language, and to Dee and Aran who helped me write my first blog a few months ago!


This was you ! :upside_down_face:

I was listening to Post Cyntaf in the car…and it spilled over into the beginning of Ar y Marc and I heard Dylan do his little intro about someone learning Welsh - my journey had ended but I made a mental note to go back and listen…and there you were!

Llongyfarchiadau mawr ! That was a very impressive conversation. ! :+1: :+1: :sparkles: :trophy: :1st_place_medal:

And you predicted the score line and strategy correctly :wink: Sign him up, sign him up :smile:

Rich :slight_smile:


Diolch! Haha thank you I appreciate it, yes I was happy that my initial score prediction came through but I would have liked my second prediction (2-1) to have come true instead!

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Yes, i noticed your two-for-one prediction (shrewd :wink:).

Did you go into the studio in Bangor with Dylan then?

It’s a shame because I think Aaron Ramsey and Joe Allen are fantastic in midfield - and we miss either one of them quite badly there at the moment…and of course if Aaron is back Joe will be suspended for the next game.

Qualification is looking a bit dicey I’d say!

Rich :slight_smile:

Yes I did it in Bangor - had a great time.

It’s going to be a nervy ending - no good night of sleep for a month :joy:.

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Da iawn @lukebwilliams10! SSiWers are ruling the airwaves in Cymru this week :slight_smile:

I haven’t had a chance to listen, but we’ve had an email from Val Lucas letting us know that she took part in a discussion with Matt Spry and other Welsh learners who had moved to Wales on Radio Cymru. The link to have a listen is:


Diolch yn fawr :smile:! Thanks for that, I’ll give it a listen!

Wow, there are so many sources of inspiration at the moment it’s amazing…we’ll be taking over the world soon - hopefully starting with the rugby World Cup!..who do you support if it’s Wales against the all blacks @Deborah-SSi ?!! :wink:

Rich :slight_smile:

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I overheard a couple speaking Welsh in the middle of Harrogate today - which is pretty random, it being in Yorkshire - so I sort of butted in by saying ‘Prynhawn da’!..they were very surprised of course and we had a chat in the street - very nice people from Denbigh.

I said I was a learner and I had used SSIW and asked if they had they heard of it - they said ‘oh yes!’ …and mentioned they had heard a few SSIWers on Radio Cymru, in learners week.

The profile seems to be rising all the time doesn’t it…a credit to you all. :sunny: :sunny:

Rich :slight_smile:


da iawn Luke! Dwi wedi dechrau dysgu ers y dechrau o’r blwydwyn a llawer o fy ffrindiau pwy dwi’n ymarfer gyda yw ffans mawr o pel droed. Mae nhw’n iaith gyntaf felly…eich blogiau chi dylai helpu fi cadw i fynny gyda nhw!! :sweat_smile:

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Diolch yn fawr Chris! Dw i’n hapus iawn mae fy mlogiau yn helpu ti! Pob lwc efo dy Gymraeg!

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