Another new learner...hello!

Hi everyone,
I came across this site by accident. My name is Sue and I am Australian. However my father was Welsh ( didn’t speak English until he was 7) and I lived in Cardiff until I was 7. So I have always had a warm feeling about the Welsh accent, and just a few words…
I’ve tried a few times to learn but not very successfully- unfortunately I don’t have anyone I can practice with here as my father is no longer with us. I really like the idea of learning by listening and practicing- it seems very natural and makes sense to me, but I have to say the remembering is pretty challenging!
Anyway ," g’day", and I hope to say in touch
PS I’m still trying to work out how to use this site on my iPad so I hope I have placed this comment correctly


Welcome to the forum and the course, Sue - and yes, you’ve posted fine… :slight_smile:

Helo Sue, welcome to the forum!

Where abouts in Australia are you? There are quite a few Aussie SSiWers, and I’m sure there’ll be someone in your area. There’s also an Australian Skype group who meet monthly, I think @elizabeth_jane is running it these days.

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Welcome to another Aussie (i’m Sure we’re going to take over the welsh-speaking world soon!). I’m in Hobart. It’s been quite easy to find others on the main slack-group for online speaking practice (when you’re ready), and as has been said, there are quite a few of us around here down under. I’m sure you’ll enjoy becoming a welsh speaker!

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warmly welcome to the forum @sue-wald.

I’m sorry, but I didn’t write the instruction for iDevices as I don’t possess one however if you have troubles navigating around on PC the instructions on how to do some things are here. In the topic you’ll also find some resources on what’s useful, what to read, what to listen and similar things however I’ll have to update a list a bit with the new Slack/SoundCloud and what’s more to it stuff.

I hope you’ll enjoy the course, forum and all things available here as much as possible and will find this community as friendly and helpful as many others of us did.

Tatjana :slight_smile:

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Thanks, Karla,
I am in Canberra :blush:
Doesn’t really fit the stereotype of heat and beaches, but still a lovely city


Thanks, and hello!
Hobart is so pretty. I have been looking at the ads for dark MoFo…looks fascinating

Neither does Melbourne, to be fair! If you’re ever down here, let us know - there’s a big group of us and lots of opportunities to practice! :grin:

Helo Sue,

There is a Welsh group in Canberra. I speak to some of them on our monthly Sgwrs Skype Awstralien. We meet on the first Thursday of the month.

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Croeso to SSiW.
Some of us are in Wales too, which is also famous for heat and amazing beaches when it isn’t raining, which as I’m sure you remember from your childhood it hardly ever does! I know the feeling, i had a Welsh speaking great Uncle, who was the last Welsh speaker in my family until I discovered SSiW.


Croeso, Welcome to the Forum, Sue! I am in Scotland. People here from Finland to NZ, from Vancouver to Brunei the long way round! All friendly!

Congratulations and good luck. When you are a little way into the language, you might like a particular novel, called “e-ffrindiau”. It is a novel written for learners at Mynediad (Entry) level, onwards. Written by Lois Arnold who learnt Welsh as a second language. Her mother went to Australia apparently, I’m not sure what the story is there.

In the book, two women start a correspondence by email; one lives in South Wales, Britain, and the other lives in New South Wales, Australia. The story is based purely on their emails, starting with the suggestion that, as they are both learners, they will be able to help each other. The first emails are short, with simple vocabulary - all in Welsh. This develops through the book. For us readers, there is a short vocabulary list of new words at the bottom of each page, plus an index at the back. It covers a year in their very busy lives, in which they become good friends, and they - and we - learn a lot of Welsh! And as it is all dialogue, it’s the spoken language, just what we want.
ISBN 978-1-84851-105-7 - £7.99