Another gog thing?

And today’s cryptic contraction is the s’an in ‘Be s’an ti?’ The context is ‘Gas gen i ddyn efo cefn blewog.’ ‘Be s’an ti?’ and from this I guess ‘Be s’an ti?’ has to mean something like ‘What is it with you?’ or ‘What’s wrong with you?’. Could ‘Be s’an’ possibly be a short form of ‘Beth sy gan’ or am I on the wrong track again?

Or “Beth sydd amdanat ti”, maybe? i.e. What about you?

On a slightly different tack, I’m happy to report that sarcasm works very well in Gograeg, too. I went for a walk from Victoria dock along the coast towards Bangor. I came across 4 boys setting up their fishing tackle and asked them in Welsh what they hoped to catch. "fish " came back the reply. :laughing: I asked through gritted teeth “Pa fath o pysgoden?” /“What sort of fish?” and was relieved to get the straight answer “Bass”. I wished them “pob lwc” and wlalked on with a smile.
Seriously I’m really enjoying living in Welsh - even more than in Ystrad Meurig.


Very close - beth sydd arnat ti? :slight_smile: Which does indeed match broadly to ‘what’s wrong with you’ in terms of the intended meaning… :slight_smile: