Anfonaf Angel

I’m not personally involved in this but could ask for more info if need be - we (Cwmni Da) have just posted this request on facebook, but I thought there may be someone with a story they’d like to tell here too.

‘Anfonaf Angel’ - be mae’r gan hon yn ei olygu i chi?
Wedi ei chanu eich hun? Wedi ei defnyddio mewn priodas/angladd?
Mae Cwmni Da eisiau clywed eich straeon amrywiol.
Cysylltwch a’r criw cynhyrchu yn Cwmni Da dros Twitter/Facebook neu i

‘Anfonaf Angel’ - what does this song mean to you?
Sung it yourself? Used it in a wedding/funeral?
Cwmni Da want to hear your various stories.
Contact the production crew via Twitter/Facebook or


I first came across this song on YouTube:

She is amazing and as is not as well known as she should be!
I’ve bought the piano music and it’s helping me learn the lyrics :wink:



I missed the actual programme, but have just watched it on the S4C website along with subtitles. Very moving and a great way to top up on our Welsh.
I’m not sure how far it reaches, internationally.

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Nowhere. At least in my case. Sorry.