Andy's 10 day online bootcamp

Confession to start! Whilst I spent a couple of months eagerly trying the first few lessons of Course 1 (southern) about a year ago it’s been a while since I actually engaged with a lesson so the online bootcamp looked like a great way for me to get back into it. I started at lesson 5 as I hadn’t done this before and was a little surprised at how much I remembered which was a great confidence boost as it had seemed a little daunting - that’s not to say i found lesson 5 a breeze as I didn’t but it was good to get back into it. Looking forward to day 2 now. off to annoy the family with the challenge now

Nos Da


Well done for getting going! and very glad indeed that you started at lesson 5 (although it might be a good idea to roll with the new Level 1 this time round, and avoid the unnecessary pain of the badly written Lessons 6…!)…:smile:

That said, it depends - the new Southern course isn’t actually finished yet, so depending on whether you’d prefer to do the newer, better course or the one that’s currently finished, you may wish to continue on with the lessons 6. While they are badly written, the course gets far easier once they’re done - and by the time you finish the old course 1, the new one might actually be finished ;). If you were doing Northern Welsh, of course, I’d completely agree with Aran - while the old course is really good, the new course is much, much better.

Thanks both doing the South Wales version so perhaps best to stay with the old version (also it’s on CD in my car so shame to waste it!) Diolch Andy