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Does anyone please know how to get the endroid app to download lessons please?

What problem are you having? Do you get a specific error message or just no response when you press the cloud symbol?

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Hi RachelH and thanks, When i try to download any lessons to my phone it just keeps trying to download but never gets there

It also says something about whena wifi conection is available but the conection must be available already

Hmm, it sounds like it might be an issue with your network (though I’m not particularly knowledgeable tech wise!) Have you tried downloading anything else from another site/app?

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yes everything else seems to be working fine. I even un installed and reinstalled the app which shows that the internet connection is available ?

Apart from downloading them via a browser on your phone or laptop, which isn’t ideal, all I can suggest is waiting for @kinetic to come and help! Could it be your phone’s security settings?

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  • settings
  • if you do not have WiFi connection but you’re working via mobile data transfer then you should disable (empty check box) “Download via Wi-Fi only” function.

But caution, if you don’t have “endless mobile data transfer” it might cost too much so you better stick to Wi-Fi though.


Might be worth pinging @theblacksparrow on this :sunny:

Tatjana already has it covered…


Hi again and many thanks for all your kind help. I have been aimlessly pressing and clicking things and BINGO it works but please dont ask me how.
Many thanks for trying to educate me though

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Any time … :slight_smile: just ask if needed.

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My iPhone is dying so I had to switch to an Android phone (very traumatic!). I went to google play to download the app, but the only one there is the old version (course rather than levels). Is the new version available for android phones? (I’m doing the North version)

The one I have is the only result when you search ‘ssiw’.

If you press at the top where it says ‘Course 1’ (which it tends to default to) you should get a list of the other options.

I’ve never used the iPhone version so sorry if I’m just telling you what you know and that hasn’t helped!


That’s hugely helpful, diolch yn fawr iawn Rachel! [I’m always particularly delighted when people offer such brilliant, screenshot-tastic help for issues about the apps, because I’m pretty much mobile phone agnostic…;-)]


THANKS! your reply was exactly right, the screenshot was most impressive and totally solved my problem!


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