Android app...many queries!

Hello all!

I am just getting to grips with SSiW and there is so much on the app to get used to. I need to check a few things and hope that someone can help, please. I have searched for a similar topic but haven’t found anything that seems to answer all my questions.

When I pull down the menu I get:

Level 1
Old Course 1
Old Course 2
Old course 3
Weekly practices
Daily practices
Level 2
Level 3
1 Sentence in Welsh

Level 1 has played through fine and I am now on Level 2 which is downloading fine as well. My queries are as follows:

  1. Old Courses - when do I do these?

  2. Daily Practices - the only one of these that I have managed to download onto my Android phone is Welsh C1 Speaking South 1. The rest of them just tell me that the lesson could not be downloaded and to check for updated lesson details and try again. How do I fix this, please?

  3. Weekly Practices - just says that there are no lessons available. Is that correct?

  4. TGAU - What is this, please, and do I need to do it? If so, where does it fit in?

  5. 1 Sentence in Welsh - do I need to do this? If so, where does it fit in?

Sorry that there is so much! I just want to make the most of the app as it really suits me to do my Welsh when I take the dog for a walk!

Thank you.


Hello @tina!

I was very confused in the beginning, with all these options!
There are a few old posts explaining some of the differences between Courses and Levels, but all those I found are quite old and the information about availability of Challenges is not correct and sometimes a bit confusing too.

So I can start with a very concise summary, as much as I can:

Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 are the newest version of the course and the ones usually recommended by @aran.

Old Course 1, Old Course 2, Old course 3, Weekly practices, Daily practices are the oldest version of the course. Optional to those doing Level 1, 2, 3 (some like them and find them very useful, some don’t, I guess it’s up to you to try them and find out!)

1 sentence in Welsh I think it’s just for people who haven’t subscribed (and cannot see all the other courses you’re seeing) so that they can have a little taste of the method before applying for any course.

No idea about what TGAU is, sorry.

I hope it helps for a start!


Thanks @gisella-albertini! That’s very helpful.

Maybe @aran can shed some light, too?

There are also no Vocab units on my app. Should there be?

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The vocab units may well be tucked away in the old courses - which themselves would ideally be tucked away under something like ‘Old material’ - on the website, you can’t navigate directly to them any more, you can only track them down by going to a challenge page for the Levels.

But the Android app was very kindly built and is very kindly maintained by a generous volunteer, @jamesmahoney, so it’s not really appropriate for us to ask for changes whenever we change the main site.

Level 1, 2 and 3 are all you need to do - the TGAU stuff was provided as a test for some teachers who wanted to use some material specifically for exams, and ideally wouldn’t show at all to anyone else - the 1 sentence stuff is what all new website members have to go through before getting access to more material, so that we can be sure they’ve been coached through the key usage issues - that IS something that we’re going to have to find a way to replicate for the apps, but it’s a fair bit of work.

Hope this helps… :slight_smile:

Lovely, thanks, @aran. I’ll just get on what I can find on my app then. It’s the listening that it is a real challenge for me and I am relieved to have read that I am probably trying too hard as I’m always trying to translate and use the pause button…and I do more than 5 minutes! Radio Cymru is on in the background all the time though so that’s good!

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I was wondering if there was something wrong with the SSIW android app because I have been unable to log on properly to the forum for a good couple of weeks now . I can read the forum but can’t reply as it says I am not logged in . It also says , " Could not download member only lessons . Please use the settings menu to sign in with an account that has an active membership "

There’s no forum support built into the Android app, so any problems you have logging into the forum are unrelated to that. If you’re still having trouble it’s best to create a new post and tag kinetic.

The introduction of the advanced course has caused a slight problem. Because of the way it’s set up it doesn’t actually contain any lessons, and the app uses the presence of the last course in the list without lessons to guess that the user’s account isn’t active. I have my fingers crossed that when the next advanced lesson is added it’ll be a real lesson, and the problem will disappear…

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I met some people tonight who expressed an interest in learning Welsh :grinning: SO I was telling them about SSiW and showing them the ap on my phone (I haven’t used the ap in quite a while) and wondered what fresh newness was this TGAU course, it would seem it’s been hiding in my 'phone for a while. I might just wiz through it, if only because the Welsh is done by Iestyn and Catrin, so two very different accents, which may be useful for my listening skills.

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@aran I have just tried playing the listening practice 2 on the android app, and it sounds like it’s on fast forward. Impossible to listen to. Can it be fixed, please… or is it meant to be that fast??:crazy_face:

It’s meant to be that fast, Gary - just make it a regular 5-minute-a-day meditative thing, and you’ll discover that you start to catch words, and then eventually sentences… :slight_smile:

:persevere::persevere: Not the reply I was looking for :grinning:

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Trust the process… :slight_smile: This is one of the most valuable bits of all… it gives you a huge head start when it comes to trying to understand fluent speakers… :slight_smile:

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Thank you,Aran. I can understand more, each time I listen to it​:clap::clap: