Android app - feature request - auto advance to next challenge


I listen to SSiW while driving and when a challenge finishes it sadly just stops and returns back to the beginning of the current lesson. What I would like is a setting that would auto advance to the next challenge and keep playing - so that I could drive and not need to interact with my phone at all. At the very least I’d like a one click way to advance to and start playing the next challenge - as it is I have to click once to go back to the main list of challenges scroll to the lesson and then click that lesson (which starts playing automatically, luckily).

when driving it is a very hit-or-miss proposition to be able to successfully find and click the back button, and very dicey indeed to scroll through the list and find the lesson I want. I often chose to pull over instead of risking all the concentration on my phone.

Any idea how hard this would be to implement? Cheers, jas…


wowser, an Android feature request! don’t get many of those…

As it happens, this has been available in the latest beta version for a while. Message me the email address you use to sign in to your device and I’ll set you up with access to the latest version and you can help check if it’s working as it should…


I’ve been meaning to ask about this too! Please could I also have this feature @jamesmahoney?

While I’m at it … another feature I’d really appreciate is for the app to ‘remember’ the point I’d reached in a challenge, in cases where I stop listening mid-challenge and then turn off the phone.

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It should pick up from you left off in a challenge already.

How are you stopping playback? Pausing in the app? Are you powering off your phone whilst the lesson is still running?

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Thanks for the speedy reply! I pause the challenge in the app. If I don’t power off the phone it remembers where I am, but if I do it doesn’t remember. If I should be doing something different, please let me know :slight_smile:


what happens if you pause the challenge, switch to another challenge, and then return to the first one. Does it remember where you were in the first challenge, or start again from the beginning?

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Just checked - in that case it remembers where I was in the first one.


I have exactly the same problem on my Android tablet. Or rather, even more interestingly, it sometimes remembers where I stopped, and sometimes it restarts at a (seemingly random) earlier point…


I think there is an issue with saving lesson position.

As a workaround for the time being, if you do want to leave a lesson halfway through and come back to it, you need to switch to a different lesson. Progress then gets saved.

Progress should get saved when the app shuts down, but I suspect that Android is shutting the app down rather abruptly when the device is restarted, so the lesson position is never saved.


I finally got to take a long drive with the new auto-advance feature in place.

Hallelulah!!! What a gift!

Blessings on you…


I also have the same issue of the app remembering where I stopped sometimes and not others. I can’t find a pattern of when it works correctly and when it doesn’t. Also, instead of automatically advancing the lesson, is there a way to add the ability to automatically repeat the lesson? If I want to listen at work, we are allowed to use our phone to listen to music, but not handle them during the 2 hour work period between breaks (On a production line).