And the winners of the 2016 SSiW Online Eisteddfod are

Yet again we had some amazing entries in the SSiW Eisteddfod! Congratulations to all of you that put in the time and effort to have a go. You’re all :sunny: :sunny:

But these people were voted the best in their individual categories, so an extra special congratulations to them!

Book Review - Beginners: Title: E-ffrindiau Ffugenw: Eirianwen Forum Name: AnnaC
Book Review - Post-beginners: Title: Oswald Ffugenw: Sion y Brag Forum Name: Cath

Welsh Prose - Beginners: Ffugenw: Aderyn Glas Forum Name: AnnaC
Welsh Prose - Post-beginners: Ffugenw: Seren y bore Forum Name: margaretnock
Welsh Short Poem: Title: GWLAD Ffugenw: Berllandeg Forum Name: Carolevans
Englyn Milwr: Title: Dwbl wisgi Ffugenw: Llwydiarth Forum Name: Malcolm Evans

Singing - Traditional Song: Ffugenw: Hapusrwydd Forum Name: Joanie
Singing - Cerdd Dant: Ffugenw: Hapusrwydd Forum Name: Joanie

Recitation: Ffugenw: Aderyn Bach Forum Name: netmouse
Photography/Visual Art: Title: Ffordd-awyr diddiwedd Ffugenw: lanyblydicoeden Forum Name: upthebloodytree

Da iawn chi!


Just to be sure: @AnnaC took 2 ffugenw? or is it a mistake?

And of course: Llongyfarchiadau i chi bawb! You all did great job! Congrats!

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Yes, I used different ones for each entry. Sorry if I was not supposed to do that!

Llongyfarchiadau to everyone!

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Of course you could! I just wanted to make things sure (even if I’m not called for that at all, sorry).

Llongyfarchiadau @AnnaC. You did a great job!

I’ve read everything and was impressed with the entries.

Dim problem, @tatjana! :slight_smile: Diolch!

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Llongyfarchiadau everyone! I thought different name for each entry was a rule, to stop people thinking, “Oh, that person is already winning this other category, so I’ll vote for someone else.” Which would not actually, be right!

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Llongyfarchadau i bawb.
A oes heddwch?
HEDDWCH! :star2:


A thought. A oes heddwch 1988 when Sir Galahad burned with Welsh Guards on board? What about when Hedd Wyn was not there to occupy his chair? How do they define peace?

Yup. good idea. I didn’t think about that. @AnnaC nailed it just right! Congrats un waith mwy. :slight_smile:

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I’ve withdrawn this post with my apologies for its departure from the forum ethos. Huw


I think it’s to do with Peace between the contestants, or in the hall where the announcements is made. If it were to be worldwide we could never do it.

In this we are told that Iolo Morganwg, who more or less invented the modern Eisteddfod, was a pacifist.

Mae ddrwg gen i. Every time I see the ceremony, I think the same thoughts, but I realise now that it is not the right topic for here. I see what you mean @margaretnock. Diolch for explaining. It is a local peace. This I can comprehend and I am glad Iolo was a pacifist. Bards make beauty not death.

Wps, how embarrassing to win a category with only one entry! (Especially as it sounds so sleepy - I just showed it to my husband, who was rolling about laughing… “Did you record that when you were ill?” "Um, yes well… ")

But I did really want a tee-shirt! Felly diolch yn fawr iawn!!!


And you jolly well deserve it too for being the only person willing to have a go - especially if you were ill at the time! :sunny:


I thought you sounded great! :star:

(I know what you mean about feeling weird about “winning” when you were the only entry in the category - both of mine were like that, too! :confused: )


Diolch, @AnnaC, I thought yours were great too! :smile:


Why really? There was also an option “No award” wasn’t it? And if one would think you don’t deserve an award they would click that option. The voting was anonymous so no one would know who clicked that one. I found your entry just great and to be honest … I’ve listened to “example” recitation before and after I’ve listened to yours so was very sure to tell that your recitation was very good.

I’d thought to go with recitation myself but I have such specific voice many would recognize me so I’ve dismissed to go with that. I even had a crazy idea to change my voice with some software but then again I felt it just wouldn’t be fair. Singing would also be very recognizable and with prose I’m not really good in Cymraeg yet so here we are. :slight_smile:

Congrats one time more to all! You are the stars!


Oh well, @tatjana, that still leaves visual art and poetry, at least, so you’re not off the hook! :smile:

I’ve made my promise last year and I fulfilled it. I’ve entered with visual art but my choice of artwork wasn’t too good one. I couldn’t stand a chance to go higher as all other entries were way better then mine.


The main thing is that you had a go @tatjana but that was just dipping your toe in the water. Next year, who knows what you will achieve?