And Level 1....Done! Finito!

Yes yes yessss…just finished level 1.

This is pretty much the only sentence my overheated brain is able to put together at the moment. :smile:

I enjoyed it but I’m going to have a break now. Back later for some feedback and a lot of questions. :grin:


Wow, you are just motoring along! Da iawn ti! (Well done!) Llongyfarchiadau/Congratulations! :champagne: :tada:


Wow, huge congratulations! That’s a very impressive rate of acquisition… :star: :star2:

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Well, @aran , I thought you meant it when you said this method works better if you press on, avoid repetitions, and don’t try to get 100% right before moving on to next lesson! :grin:

There’s also the fact that:

I know I get the best results if I take advantage of my enthusiasm of starting something new

I knew that on holiday it would be easier for me to find slots of time and would have a less cluttered mind, so I’d better do as much as possible (before next Monday)

The 3.95 £/month seems quite a bargain in the long run, so I wanted a good reason to subscribe before end of August. :wink:

P.s Thanks @AnnaC!